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vikkijo 11-01-2012 04:14 PM

Christmas Card Challenge 2013
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Sign up here on this thread, post your monthly cards on each appropriate thread.. Links below in the next post.


WHO: Everyone that needs cards for the Holidays;

WHAT: Complete Christmas/Hanukkah cards (Thank you cards, tags or whatever you need) each month (January through November) You can set your monthly goal for however many you’ll need. There is no score keeping here! It's all for you and helping you stay motivated.

WHY:To relieve stress! This way you’ll have plenty of cards to send out for the holidays!! We all know how busy December can be, so why not try to get your holiday cards all done by the end of November! Remember, the whole idea behind this challenge is to make your life easier.

WHERE: First upload to your gallery then post a link in the designated thread*.Please use CCC13 in the Title or Keyword so that others can search for your cards!*Please use only the thread that I start for each month or you might be missed.
To attach a link here, when the page you want us to go see is open, go to the address bar and 'copy the whole thing' then go to where you want it seen and paste it in the post box. ( step by step instructions with pics in PDF in the below)

WHEN: The whole month! There is no 'deadline' for getting your monthly cards done. This is just a motivational challenge to help you!

HOW: Just post a reply to this thread saying that you want to join and then start creating! Make your cards any way you like - make them all the same or mix them up. Any tools, toys, gadgets, embellishments, etc...you decide- after all, these are YOUR cards.

A Video of How To Upload

vikkijo 11-01-2012 04:15 PM

Monthly Threads
You can join anytime during the year. . If you need to skip a month or two, that is perfectly fine.

Here are the links for each month.
Please post a link in the appropriate thread to your gallery

vikkijo 11-01-2012 04:18 PM

Sign Ups
Who is signed up, and what they're goal is per month .... remember now, there is NO SCORE KEEPING!

I will be sending out a motivational PM to those who sign up...if you DO NOT WANT PM's please let me know when you sign up to keep you off that list.

Just remember that is not written in stone, make what "YOU" want/need!

Sharon - smadson - 3
Di - DiHere - 5
Jan - jan31 - 4
Raye Lynn - CreepsMom - 6
Sheri - Ksnurse - 6
Peggy - pegmac71 - 5
Marge - margscardcrazy - 3 C & 2 T
Sue - Oddesigns -10
Val - Greywolf - 8
Rebecca - rrandel - 4
Debbie - grammatroll - 4
Mathilda - 15
Susan - Cards are me - 4
Nathalia - joyousgirl80 - 5
Elzbieta - crazysexycool - 2
Mary - cr8iveme - 6
Jay Bee - Jay_Bee - 13
Suzy - SuzyS1104 - 4
Lily - Sophiecat - 10
Stacy - JBgreendawn - 6
Cindy - sewbusymom - 6
Pat - pvilbaum - 5
Ina -yelloerose46 - 4
Sabrina - Cook22 - 4
Debbie - swidebbie - 6
Gillian - Jill with a G - 6
Sue - sue25wmu - 6
Leslie - lharnish - 5
Alison - newstampinaddict - 8
Dee - deeburt - 2 C & 2 T
Sue - stampinspooky - 5
Bonnie - bon2stamp -4
Barb - BarbieP - 4 (maybe 5)
Rita - scootsv - 5
Angie - Auntangie - 6
Angie - ohmypaper - 5
Bonnie - raduse - 4
Sandee - stampersandee-5-10
Sheena - kanatanewf -10
Judy - bittybadger -4
Amy - amylovesnormajean -4
Bev - triasimite -4
Connie - Stamp300 -10
Susie - susie nelson - 10
Roxanne - 2cutecats -5
bfarley -3
longislandjean -3
Jamey - pennys mum -4
Debbie - grammatroll -4
Kristin - tryingtofindtime -4
Diane - ahlers5 -4
Angela - Arizona Maine -15
Shelley - shelleybelle - 8
chktg716 -7
Heather - JadeOnline -6
HappiLeaStamppin - 2
Diane - fionna51 - 4-5
Arlene - Arlene_C - 6
Precious Kitty - 8
Susan - susanbri -10
Ruth - BathBelle
stampindoe -10
Claudia - cjzim -6
Peggy Sue - craftidomesticdiva (50/11= 4 - 5 cards a month?)
Allison - ImaRed -5-10
Julie - Julie-Gearinger - 20
Chris - ceedee - 6-10
Regina - ReginaBD -10 C 3 T
Mandie - mandie1777 -5
Kathy - Stampin Wrose -6
Carol - carolc1027 -10
Lori - LMcAree -5
Cindi - horseygal -4
bradley's-mom -5
Charlene - lilluvsstampin -4
Wendy - wdoherty -8
Rhonda - NavyWifeArmyMom -4
Sarah - Sarah38 -2
Laurie - HamiltonGal -4
Diane - DCinKit -6
Shelley - Shellebelle -8
Christine - CndnStampr -4
Maggie - mschoener -5
Julia - artystamper -4
Audrfy - audreyann -5
cat09tails - 6C & 4T
Marg - margscardcrazy -
photobugohio -5
Banu - bh_dallas -6
Lisa - smile60 -5
Fiona - fionaB -6
Linda - studbo -4
Kel - kacopan -12
Kim - Scamper64 -10
Jana Z -4
suefel -4
Erin - WIP papercrafts -4
Tizzy - 4
RDey - 4
Deborahmarie - 5
jetstudio29 - 4
bettyjoanes - 5
Jeni - jenig132002 - 5
NisiNJ - 4
Christie - Mayapple - 4 or 5
KayM - 2
must love cats - 1
Dea - Stamperamma - 4 or 5
Nancy - stiz2003 - 3
Kim - Berlycece - 12
Becca - Bekkahloo - 6
Martha - MEnmystamps - 6
countrybumpkin - 12
beetle76 - 5
Terrie - terrie.mcnulty - 6
Jennipher - stamptician - 4
Cory - cmg.sweet -3
KayInFL - 4
gg nurse - 3
annsforte3 - 12
Anne - Chaoscornerau - 2

vikkijo 11-01-2012 04:19 PM

Links of Inspiration
Jingle Belles Awesome Blog for inspiration

Beautiful technique for a Christmassy Look!!

Operation Write Home
Great Idea of what to do with cards!

Here's one of helpful info.. Resizing Pics for uploading
Photo too large to Upload? No problem!

Kelly's idea for Grouping her cards

Carla's Blog
Carla's Scraps

Watch for the Merry Monday Challenges!
Always Playing with Paper

Check this out! Cool 3D project!

Angela aka Arizona Maine has a cool tutorial for her awesome bow

Julie's Tutorial on her bow making

Check out how she makes her big red bow!

vikkijo 11-01-2012 04:27 PM

Resizing ....
if you use Kodak Easy Share DaisyDude shared this info.

For those using Kodak Easy Share:

Click on the pictures you want to resize.
Go to 'File' and choose 'export'
Choose a place to save your pics.
Choose the option 'Specify Size'. The limit for SCS I think is 2048 pixels.
Then hit 'Export'.

You should then be able to upload the resized pics to SCS.

iPhoto is similar. Choose your pics, hit 'export' then use the resize boxes. Neither height nor width can be larger than 2048.

From mustlovecats ..... upload from a Mac and this is what I do.
Open your photo, click on the background of the photo so that Tools appears in the bar at the top. Click on it and then on adjust size. I change the first size to 5, save and then voila it's perfect for uploading.
Not too difficult and I did pretty much the same process when I used windows before

vikkijo 11-01-2012 04:29 PM

Monthly Challenges
Each month someone from our group will present a challenge to help inspire an idea!

***if you ladies would like to go post a HELLO on your month to mark a spot, you can edit it later to add you challenge!***

January will be presented by Sheri aka Ksnurse (and her challenge is - make your cards in non-traditional colors

February will be presented by Ina aka yellowrose46, the challenge is to use a Winter sport

March will be presented by Susan aka Cards Are Me..her challenge is to have a good look at your Christmas stash and seek out these items and find a fun way to craft with them

April is going to be posted by Stacy aka JBGreenDawn and she says (make a Christmas gift tag or folding gift card from the scraps)

May will be presented by Sue aka stampinspooky, her challenge for you is to make a card using the sketch SC161

June is going to be posted by Debbie aka grammatroll (Her challenge to you is to make quilt cards)

July will be presented by Sharon aka smadson, she has challenged us to make a Christmas Card using Red, White and Blue

August's Challenge will be presented by Alison aka newstampinaddict her challenge is to make a Monochromatic Card

September will be presented by Peggy aka pegmac...Use Falling Snow on your card

October will be presented by Susan aka Cards Are Me, her challenge is to make a card that is folded differently, such as an easel, gatefold, pocket, etc

November, Bonnie aka raduse wants to present our challenge this month, and it will be to use up some scraps or some of your forgotten stash

smadson 11-01-2012 06:21 PM

Vikki Jo, You have been busy in between taking the dogs outside! :)

Can't believe you got all of 2013 set up!

So, sign me up for 4 cards a month again.

And I can be a challenge hostess in January.

You are awesome, GF!

DiHere 11-02-2012 02:04 AM

Thanks again, Vikki Jo, for all your hard work. And thanks for the inspiration links.

I'll sign up for five per month again for 2013. Now, back to finishing off 2012 :D!!

jan31 11-02-2012 07:53 AM

Vikki jo I can't believe how organised you are, couldn't believe it when I went in to post my cards.

Sign me up again for four cards again and thanks so much for keeping this going next year, its such a great help not having to rush at the last minute.

CreepsMom 11-02-2012 09:45 AM

Count me in again ... 6 amonth

smadson 11-02-2012 01:12 PM

Oh, Vikki Jo, I see that someone already has January. So how about July?

vikkijo 11-02-2012 03:23 PM


Originally Posted by smadson (Post 19796379)
Vikki Jo, You have been busy in between taking the dogs outside! :)

Can't believe you got all of 2013 set up!

So, sign me up for 4 cards a month again.

And I can be a challenge hostess in January.

You are awesome, GF!

Got you down!

Sorry I didn't have the months already picked marked... wanna pick a different month?

vikkijo 11-02-2012 03:23 PM


Originally Posted by DiHere (Post 19796820)
Thanks again, Vikki Jo, for all your hard work. And thanks for the inspiration links.

I'll sign up for five per month again for 2013. Now, back to finishing off 2012 :D!!

Got you down for 2013!

vikkijo 11-02-2012 03:25 PM


Originally Posted by CreepsMom (Post 19797704)
Count me in again ... 6 amonth

Got ya down Raye!

vikkijo 11-02-2012 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by smadson (Post 19798092)
Oh, Vikki Jo, I see that someone already has January. So how about July?

I will put you down for July! Thank you!

Ksnurse 11-02-2012 06:23 PM

Sign ups 2nd list
Hi all, since Kelli has to bow out next yr., Vikki asked me to help with the cheerleading duties. I just love cheerleader outfits so of course I said yes...and of course mine will be pink and sparkly...;) so get ready for lots of RAH RAH RAH!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

This list will be duplicate of VickiJo's so that I can try to keep track of the peeps playing along, if 2 of us do this, hopefully no one will get lost

1: Smadson--3 ____________________101: Tizzy--4
2: Dihere--5_______________________102: RDey--4
3: Jan31--4_______________________103: Deborahmarie--5
4: Creepsmom--6___________________104: 2 manycookbooks--
5: Ksnurse--8______________________105: jetstudio29--4
6: Oddesigns--10___________________106: bettyjoanes--5
7: Margscardcrazy--3+2_____________107: jenig132002--5
8: pegmac71--5____________________108: nisiWJ--4
9: Greywolf--8_____________________109: Mayapple--5
10: Rransedell--4___________________110: KayM-2
11: Mathilda--15____________________111: must love cats--1
12: Cards are me--4_________________112: stampramma--5
13: Joyousgirl80--5__________________113: stiz2003--3
14: Crazysexycool--1________________114: berlycece--12
15: cr8iveme--8____________________115: bekkahloo--6
16: Jay_Bee--13____________________116: MEnmystamps--6
17: suzys1104--4___________________117: beetle 76 - 5
18: sophiecat--10___________________118: countrybumpkin - 12
19: JBGreendawn--6_________________119: terrie.mcnulty - 6
20: sewbusymom--6_________________120: stamptician - 4
21: pvilbaum--5_____________________121: cmg.sweet - 3
22: ruthmarie--5____________________122: KayinFl - 4
23: yellowrose46--4_________________123: GGnurse - 3
24: cook22--4______________________124: Annsforte3 - 12
25: swldebbie--6 ___________________125: Chaoscornerau-2
26: jill with a g--6___________________126:
27: sue25wmu--6
28: lharnish--5
29: newstampinaddict--8
30: deeburt--2+2
31: stampinspooky--5
32: bon2stamp--4
33: BarbieP--4
34: scootsv--5
35: auntangie--?
36: ohmypaper--5
37: stampersandee--5-10
38: shelia--5
39: kanatanewf--10
40: bittybadger--4
41: amylovesnormajean--4
42: triasimite--4
43: Stamp300--10
44: susie nelson--8
45: 2cutecats--5
46: bfarley--3
47: longislandjean--3
48: pennysmum--4
49: grammatroll--4
50: tryingtofindtime--4
51: ahlers5--4
52: Arizona Maine--15
53: chktg716--7
54: JadeOnline--6
55: happileastamppin--2
56: fionna51--4-5
57: Arlene_C--6
58: Precious Kitty--8
59: susanbri--10
60: bath belle
61: stampindoe--10
62: cjzim--6
63: craftidomesticdiva
64: ImaRed--5-10
65: Julie-Gearinger-20
66: ceeedee--6-10
67: Regina BD--10+3
68: mandie 1777--5
69: stampinWrose--6
70: carolc1027--10
71: LMcAree--5
72: horseygal--4
73: bradley's-mom--5
74: lilluvsstampin--4
75: wdoherty--8
76: navywifearmymom--4
77: Sarah38--2
78: HamiltonGal--4
79: DCinKit--6
80: Shellebelle--8
81: Cndnstampr--4
82: mschoener--5
83: artystamper--4
84: audreyann--5
85: cat09tails--6 & 4
86: margscardcrazy--
87: lada--
88: jromom1--
89: photobugohio--5
90: bh_dallas--6
91: smile60--5
92: fionaB--6
93: cjsmom0802
94: studbo--4
95: kacopan--12
96: scamper64--10
97: Scamper64--10
98: janaZ--4
99: suefel--4
100: WIP papercrafts--4

Ksnurse 11-02-2012 06:25 PM

Oh and I guess I better get my booty signed up too....heehee....I'll do 6 a month this yr

pegmac71 11-03-2012 08:38 PM

Hi all!! Vickijo thanks for all you do!! Amazing that you have 2013 well under way!
Sign me up for 5 cards per month and I will be glad to do a challenge for March.

Margscardcrazy 11-04-2012 12:51 AM

O my gosh just went in to post Septembers and discovered 2013's are already up :shock: now thats scarry but count me in Vikki Jo, I will do three cards and two tags again and if I have time I will do more. :lol:


Oddesigns 11-04-2012 05:26 AM

I'm in! The last two years have convinced me that I need to get these done throughout the year.

I'm not sure how many yet. I did 10/month this year, and I'm going to see how many extras I have (if any) before I decide how many I need to do in 2012.

CAROL G. 11-05-2012 08:37 AM

CCC12 Easy Christmas Card by CAROL G. - Cards and Paper Crafts at Splitcoaststampers

Greywolf 11-06-2012 05:42 AM

I've still got Oct. & Nov. to finish for this year, but sign me up for 8 again in 2013.

Sheri, so good of you to step in to help encourage and keep track of this group. VikkiJo, thanks again for all you do.

rransdell 11-07-2012 09:14 AM

I wasn't very sucessful last year but lets give it another go for 4 per month

grammatroll 11-10-2012 08:11 PM

Sign me up again. My goal is 4 cards a month. Thanks for keeping this going Vikki Jo.

Mathilda 11-11-2012 01:44 PM

Only came across this challenge recently ... great way to get Christmas cards done throughout the year ... sign me up for 15 cards each month. Thanks for all you do Vickijo ...

Ksnurse 11-11-2012 06:05 PM

YIPPEE!!! Look at all you over achievers gearing up already for another yr of gettin it done early....

Cards are me 11-11-2012 06:27 PM

WOW! You ladies rock. I had such a great year making Christmas cards every month. Please sign me up for 4 each month. Thank you for all you do :p

joyousgirl80 11-11-2012 07:09 PM

This is my first year playing along. Count me in for five cards a month!

crazysexycool 11-12-2012 01:51 AM

hello, Count me as well for next year - for me ... is just 1 per month by I set myself for 2 each month - I will try to post more than 1 as I like my charity work and it has started to grow so I put my time to this.
Hope to your work which truly inspired me all the time.

Ksnurse 11-12-2012 03:06 AM

Nathalia....welcome..it feels so good to be doing them leisurely and not in a rush at the last minute...this yr was my first and I'm so glad I did....

welcome back all the rest of y'all.....1 is good if that's what you need....whatever works for you is fine, we are here to encourage and cheer you on, not set any rules...

cr8iveme 11-12-2012 06:02 AM

May I please sign up for 6 cards a month?

Jay_Bee 11-12-2012 02:22 PM

Please sign me up for a bakers dozen each month - it has really helped me this year.
Thank you

vikkijo 11-18-2012 07:41 AM


Carol you gave me quite the scare! Someone already got cards done for 2013?

Off to see them and get you linked over to 2012.

vikkijo 11-18-2012 07:43 AM

In all honesty I was NOT going to look at this thread until December , then I saw how many posts were on already i had to be nosy!

So touched by all of you repeaters! Thank you for jumping in again, isn't it a wonderful feeling to not have to get cracking on cards in a scramble next month?

I will be back to mark you all down .... I haven't created my spread sheet yet for 2013. I am such a slacker! LOL

SuzyS1104 11-18-2012 02:53 PM

Vikki Jo....so glad that you are organizing this again! You go, girl!!! Count me in for next year. This will be my 3rd year to do it....it really helps!! I'll plan on doing at least 4 a month . Might need a few more depending on what I have left over for this year!! Some months I might add to it....but, I'll be flexible with that idea! LOL

Sophiecat 11-18-2012 06:26 PM

Please sign me up for 10 cards/month, same as my commitment for 2012, though I've been making more than 10/month. 203 cards so far for 2012 and I haven't even done my November card yet so this challenge definitely worked for me! I have lots of extra cards to donate to Cards for the Troops even though I only have a few designs without any glitter. I come up with one design for each month and mass produce with variations as I go along. Thanks for hosting again Vikki Jo!

JBgreendawn 11-23-2012 06:03 AM

of course I am in... this year I have done 6 per month from Jan - Sept. ( which was more than enough cards for me and some for the booth... but, if I had had more at the booth they would have sold. so, I think I will do 6 a month and start now... :)

Do you still need hosts?

sewbusymom 11-23-2012 12:09 PM

Please sign me up for 6 cards a month.


pvilbaum 11-23-2012 01:08 PM

Saw this challenge about August this year and was always going to sign up but just never did. So sign me up now - right at the beginning. I will do 5 cards per month.

Thanks for keeping this going so I can get myself organized for next Christmas. As I only have about 10 cards done for this Christmas. But I'm on my way to stamp today hoping to change that number significantly. Because it is officially the Christmas season!

Ksnurse 11-23-2012 03:06 PM

great ladies....I've got you signed up for the fun....

Stacy, VikkiJo is taking care of the challenges so you might PM her, it looks like there are some months still needing a challenge host

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