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Lily_Louise 07-19-2011 10:21 PM

Some of us still live in Canada, EH!
Hi girls

Just thought I might start a new thread to see how it goes! Maybe we can chat on here as we don't seem to connect as much on FB. will try to message you all with the link. Had a really nice weekend with those of you who went to Olds. Thanks again, Robin. :)

Cameldiva 07-20-2011 06:16 AM

Hello, hello, Ruthie.

It was good to see those who attended Olds. We certainly need to meet up more frequently.

dbennett 07-20-2011 07:11 AM

HI girls!! Thanks for this Ruth! I have been missing everyone! I am sorry I missed you all on the weekend. I was out with the family, ended up with about 4 things scheduled that weekend, and chose the easiest option!!
I hope everyone is well, and is having a great summer!

I'm Hooked 07-20-2011 08:53 AM

I'm here too. Welcome back

I'm Hooked 07-20-2011 09:25 AM

Hi Ruth. I have sent a link to Tamara, Lisa, Carole, Nancy, Regina, Cindy, Christine, Michelle, Adelee. Hopefully they all come over soon.

Lily_Louise 07-20-2011 09:27 AM

Good morning, ladies!

The skies are dull and gray here but at least it's cool enough for me to feel comfortable!

Denise, it's a shame that we didn't get to see you but family must always come first. And if you are in BC, what Summer?!!! :)

Diane, I wondered who the first to post would be, now I know! Have you noticed that all three of you have names beginning with 'D'!!

Deb, I knew you'd be one of the first. :)

NaNel 07-20-2011 09:28 AM

Hi Everyone :) Ruth, thanks so much for doing this! I'm so happy to be able to keep in touch the easy way.

I missed you guys this year, but it's a promise to be there next year!!
Are there photos anywhere?

I've been busy doing I don't-know-what :) A trip to Vancouver, the Island and up to Chetwynd. Two of my friends have breast cancer so have been visiting a lot more. Take one for her treatments and sit with her. She is doing remarkably well, but lost her hair after the first treatment--she has the best attitude, not too sick at all either. The other one is not sick just tired and she gets her treatments more frequently, but doing well so far too. So, both are amazing.

My blog is my second home :) so please feel free to stop in and say hello!

Lily_Louise 07-20-2011 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by I'm Hooked (Post 18537563)
Hi Ruth. I have sent a link to Tamara, Lisa, Carole, Nancy, Regina, Cindy, Christine, Michelle, Adelee. Hopefully they all come over soon.

Thanks, Deb! :)

NaNel 07-20-2011 09:30 AM

Ruth, nice and sunny up here.....so far today :)

I like your word for July, mine should be the same :) Friendship means so much.

Lily_Louise 07-20-2011 09:33 AM

Great to 'see' you, Nancy!

I've spent a good deal more time in the UK this year than I have in Mission. Time passes so quickly. So good there are friends like you around, hope your two friends do well and recover nicely. Will check out your blog later. Take care.

Better go and do some housework or is that a dirty word on here?!

Lily_Louise 07-20-2011 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by NaNel (Post 18537573)
Ruth, nice and sunny up here.....so far today :)

I like your word for July, mine should be the same :) Friendship means so much.

Drizzly rain here!

Lily_Louise 07-20-2011 07:59 PM

Well, the sun never did come out up here although it was a little brighter in town! Apparently it is going to rain all night but will clear later tomorrow or Friday for a good weekend. I'll believe it when I see it!!

Hope everyone has had a good day. Signing off now to take a quick look at the rellies posts on FB. :)

dbennett 07-20-2011 08:42 PM

Hi girls! A better update about my life:
House flooded the end of April, and am still recovering
Havent touched a stamp in MONTHS!!
Have been really busy with sewing, lots of custom stuff
Went to NYC with my mom last fall and LOVED it!
Kevin and I are going to Banff to stay at the Fairmont Banff springs in Sept. He has a conference and I get to go and just BE!
We are also going with his company to Vancouver Island for 4 days in October. I cant wait for that, I love the island!
I am really good. Usual family stuff (by brother just announced he was leaving his wife), my kids are great, growing and changing. My oldest is off to Band Camp in a week or so, and the youngest already had her week away! I cant believe they are so big.

I am trying to plan my own 40th birthday party. Probably just family, but I cant decide... my fear is that if I invite others that no one would show... crazy I know...

I am so glad to have you all back.

Post updates soon everyone, so we can get back into the regular routine!!

I'm Hooked 07-21-2011 05:48 AM

wow Denise. Lucky girl you get to travel lots in the near future. Make sure you book an appointment at the spa at the Banff Springs. Expensive but, oh so lovely.

I was stamping my waterfall ATC's yesterday (thanks to Ruth and Diane) and heard a huge "bang". I went into the hottub room and I could hear the most awful "scratching". When Brian came home I told him we had a "really big" something in the ceiling of that room or it was in the hottub and I was scared to open the lid. He went down and our hottub blew out of the ground (it was cemented into the ground!) and one side is raised about 10". Underneath the actual hottub, the ground is full of water. Have to wait for the insurance company to open up this morning. Scared the living daylights outta me!

I'm in a golf tournament today. Don't know why I signed up as I'm not golfing very well. I keep telling myself that it is only for the company (which is certainly part of it, but I can golf with the company every day - not in a tournament).

We bought a house in Arizona and hopefully I'll get Brian away from work a little bit so he can enjoy it. We are going down with 2 of our kids on August 4. Dana and I are staying a week. Brian and Brandon are only staying a couple of days before they head off to meetings in Kansas City.

We are going to be grandparents x3 late August or early September. Tyler and Chelsea are having baby #3. Lincoln will be 3 months shy of 4; Lowen will be 20 months. They will be busy.

Welcome back to "our thread"

Lily_Louise 07-21-2011 08:53 AM

Good morning, girls!

You are all so busy, it makes me feel tired! Mind you I do still remember the busyness of being Mom with all the things the kids were involved in. It's hard to realise how quickly that time came and went. In fact where has the last year gone. Hardly seems any time since Denise came into Olds so I could actually meet her face to face.

Since the end of December, I have only spent 7/8 weeks at home in Mission. We didn't get to the UK for Christmas as planned as all the flights into London Heathrow were cancelled on the day we were due to leave because of SNOW there!! Rex was going from Montreal and me from Vancouver. However we spent a very quiet Christmas at home and left together just in time to get to our daughters for New Year. Came home in time for DH to get his ablation at St Pauls' in Vancouver then after a week or so he was off to Montreal, Thunder Bay and Sept Iles so I went back to the UK till April 5 when we both met up in Mission for a week or two! We came back specially for our Hospice Society Gala. At the beginning of May I headed back to the UK as Rex was travelling again and retuned from there a day or two before DH was given a dry dock job with a ship in Falmouth( our old home town) which I'd just left!! I was not amused as had I known I simply would have stayed. Anyway I was back there by the end of the next week and we got home 3 days before I came to OLDS. Just made it!!

Apart from this years travels, I did spend quite a lot of time helping out at our Hospice Society as we had a whole load of issues staff wise from September on. In fact at one point I was almost covering full time just so things would keep running till we were all sorted. Fortunately the hump seems to be over and things are back to normal with some really great staff on board now. One thing, it kept me out of mischief and helped me cope with the loss of our son. Of course I still have my moments but life still goes on and it's how we choose to deal with it that is important.

On a brighter note, our little grandson just turned 5 and he is still the light of our life! He is at full time school and has been since January. He loves it! Our DD has him enrolled at Gym club, swimming and football(soccer if you're Canadian!) and he stays to After School club on one day a week. He has to have grommets fitted soon so his swimming will have to take a break, not sure how he'll like that as he's a real water babe! No fear at all! When I'm there, it's "Grandma, will you play cricket/football/tennis/golf with me?" so even though I have to take a rest frequently because I 'have a bone in my leg'(my excuse if my knees hurt) we still play catch or some other thing when I sit down! He's on the go from 5.30/6 a.m. till bedtime at 7 p.m.!!! Occasionally we get to do something inside like 'Mr Maker' (crafts) or playing cards and board games. He'll try to cheat to win though thinking grandma doesn't know what he's doing!! Don't always let him get away with it.

It did rain heavily overnight and is still drizzly but hoping it will get brighter later.

Lily_Louise 07-21-2011 08:58 AM

Deb, what a nasty scare with the hot tub. Hope it all gets sorted soon.

Lily_Louise 07-21-2011 02:07 PM

Hi ladies

Just a quick question. Does anyone have any Magnolia stamps or similar(modern/cute kids) for SALE that might appeal to teens who want to stamp/make cards. SU doesn't have anything very appealing for that age group unless they are into flowers and such.Message me if you have anything suitable you can part with. Thanks so much.

Lily_Louise 07-21-2011 02:07 PM

The sun has appeared at last!! :)

Carole4312 07-22-2011 01:44 AM

YAY !!!!!!! I have found you all again !!! Whoop whoop !!!!!!!

You have no idea how much I have truly, deeply missed you all. I have managed to stay in touch - just - but this is so much easier.

Well since our last thread, I am now a Stampin Up Demo - yay ! I took the plunge in January, and so I'm just finding my feet. I now run a monthly crop which I am loving. Its not SU based, but I have a separate room (huge) which is for stamping and all things SU ! I'm managing to pick up some customers, and I have a stampers 10 group up and running. Its not easy, but I am loving it, and I'm just about to go to Silver1 having just achieved my Stampin Start :)

School - well - there's been many changes. We've now merged schools. The whole ordeal actually went better than I ever thought it would. It was hard for some at first - clashes of personalities etc., and the students found it tough at first - but all in all, there have been a lot of successes. Behaviour is still an issue, but we're not the only school with these problems,. We're introducing a new behaviour policy in September, so we'll see how that works out. I've had a promotion to Cover Supervisor (supply teacher), and I'm teaching whole school whole curriculum - so I could be teaching Art in the morning, and History in the afternoon !!! Ha ha ... its fun, I can tell you !

Aaron is seeing his dad and relatives in Ireland regularly now, and I absolutely adore going over there. John and Aaron have formed a lovely relationship, and its a real delight seeing them together. Sadly, Aaron and Stewarts relationship has suffered a bit, but I think this is more to do with the 'teenage' stage more than anything else.

Gosh - I could go on for hours - but I will finish off for now, and just say thanks to Deb for getting the link to me. For some reason, I'm not receiving all my messages ??

Chat to you all soon. Love 'n' hugsxxxxxxxx

Lily_Louise 07-22-2011 07:47 AM

Good morning ladies

Nice to see you, Carole! Didn't get to sending the link to everyone as I couldn't remember all the SCS names at the time and didn't have the energy/patience to stop and check. Happy that Deb sent the link on to the others who used to frequent the thread. Maybe we'll see a few more trickle across to SCS again! Actually I've quite enjoyed checking out a few things on here again. Saves me spending so much time on FB and Farmville! Actually I did have a nice chat to one of my BIL's last evening on FB which is quite good considering the time difference between here and Spain!

We are supposed to be getting better weather today but so far it's still dull and cloudy! At least we are not 'cooking' as they are further East!

Have a good day, everyone and hope to see a few more of you back here soon. :)

laderme 07-22-2011 08:16 AM

Happy Friday morning all! (sheesh - it's awhile since I typed THAT) :)

I'm a bit late today as I was down getting blood tests, and now I am going to enjoy a Friday to myself. Just the annual check-me-up stuff, but still a chunk of the day is gone. Since it is cold and overcast, I think I will do some baking and unpack from Olds

I am very happy our home is back again. How I have missed it. Especially living alone most of the time like I am, it means a lot to have people to 'talk' to over morning coffee. Ruth - you are a dear!

Last weekend was a lot of fun....a perfect break from the ordinary and with my good friends. I loved the two new ladies who joined us, and I'm hoping that I will see them again.

Rick is working the weekend, so Elise and I may do something today. I'm thinking dinner and a movie is about right. I'm hoping she doesn't drag me to Westerner Days and nag me to get on one of those rides that make you upchuck.

So if anyone is missing anything from Olds, let me know and I will check my bags. I don't think I borrowed anything, but you never know.

Carole - I hope the changes are good at work, and it is nice to see you doing well with SU. If you ever decide to come stateside for their convention, let us know.

Deb - Yikes on the hot tub! Is our water table really that high? Wouldn't surprise me.

To all of you dear souls - talk to you all soon.

Lily_Louise 07-22-2011 08:31 AM

Yay, Robin is back!! :D

I'll get that Xpress envy with a few more goodies off to you today, Robin. Better go get some breakfast and get off this machine or the day will be gone! TTYL

NaNel 07-22-2011 10:49 AM

Good Morning Ladies :) it is SO good to be back on SCS with you all. I haven't been on here hardly at all!
Robin, are there any other supplies the kids may need at the home (or whatever it is called)? I know the paper will get used up fast. Are you far from the place or do you mail it?

Carole, congrats on becoming a consultant for SU!

Hey Deb, too bad you didn't strike oil with your tub :) I know, not a laughing matter, I would have been too scared to stay in the house!

Well Ruth, we have the same weather. Rained all night and still coming down. At least it's nice and green!

I'm out for tea with friends today, so the weather can do whatever it wants :) have a great Friday!

Lily_Louise 07-22-2011 07:17 PM

Hi Nancy, the sun has come out at last but only just!!

Robin, I did get that envelope in the mail to you this afternoon so hopefully you should have it by Tuesday at the latest. I have the receipt so will track it. Fortunately I still had an old style Xpress envelope from quite a while ago (at least 1 year +!) so fitted more in than I could with a new one!

DH is off to Montreal on Sunday so have a little more laundry and some packing to do once he's decided what he'll take.

Have a good Friday evening. See you all tomorrow. :)

Carole4312 07-23-2011 05:22 AM

Afternoon everyone ! (13:14 here)

So pleased to see everyone arriving -yip yip, yay yay ......... I am one happy bunny being reconciled with you all !

Robin - I've been watching all the USA blogs about convention and it looked amazing ! I post on a UK version of SCS called In Love With Stamping - Ruth posts there as well occasionally - and one of the US demos invited one of us to attend Convention with her - honestly, I would have bit her hand off if I could have afforded it - but who knows ?? One day ... although Canada will be my first choice !!! I WILL get there one day soon !

Aaron is objecting to being grounded at the moment, but I am sticking with my guns. He over-ran his mobile phone bill by over 330 for this month, and has already ran up next months to the tun of 145 - so he is grounded, and has to work and/or earn the money back. He isn't happy and claims that he is being punished for making a mistake - in his words ! He also asked if I am going to punish him for all his mistakes - jeez ... this mothering malarky ain't easy ! He isn't helping himself at the moment, so we've just had another 'talk'. He doesn't realise that I feel worse than him ! Oh well - kids eh !

I'm getting prepared to go and visit a possible new customer (and her husband) on Monday. She has M.E. but quite extreme from all accounts. Her and her hubby are new crafters, but she has heard of Stampin Up from magazines etc., and contacted me via the SU UK website. I'm taking up some make & takes, and samples of some of my work, so hopefully, it will be a fruitful new contact for me. I'm determined to get to Silver1 before the end of this month !!

Right ... better go and finish the housework and prepare for the decorating that we will be doing over the next week. I'm only giving the place a lick of paint, but I really want it freshening up for the summer.

Catch you all later - love to you all xxxxxxx

laderme 07-23-2011 07:26 AM

Another cup of coffee and another morning to enjoy...

Carole - what does it mean when you 'make silver'? I am so far out of the loop on SU it isn't even funny.

Ruth - I will hold onto the boxes until your envelopes arrive. I don't know when Bev is going down, but probably atleast a week from now.

Nancy - I am not sure what other things they may need, but I can certainly get Bev to check on that.

Brody and I are home alone this weekend, so I need to take him for a walk as soon as the weather breaks. If not, we will be going out on Sunday, rain or shine. In the mean time I need to do some housework, and go through some projects in my craft room to decide what to finish next.

Last weekend, one of the ladies showed us how to do some simple beading, so I have been on youtube checking out how to videos. I am just itching to head to the craft store and buy some supplies to try more. I think I should gather all of my tools together that go with beading and see what I have though. I am sure that I have all of the cutters etc, and don't need any of those, just need to ferret them out.

Enjoy your day!

Carole4312 07-23-2011 07:45 AM

Robin - in the UK our promotions are:-

Bronze 2, Bronze 3, Silver 1, Silver 2 etc. etc. up to Platinum (which I will NEVER achieve - unless I do it for 20 years ) !! It goes on sales and demos/downline !

Lily_Louise 07-23-2011 09:57 AM

Good morning, girls. Afternoon, Carole!

Sounds like BC weather has invaded AB!!! It's totally gorgeous here right from daybreak! A little refreshing first thing but I am sure it will warm up. How many days we will get like this we have yet to see.

Just been speaking to DD and DGS and apparently a lovely day there down in Devon.

Carole, that lad of yours sure made an expensive 'mistake'! Thank goodness mobile phones were not around when my kids were young or I know we would have had a similar situation with my male child!! How much more complicated it is in some ways for todays youngsters. One of our nieces nearly got her Blackberry confiscated at school and here's me thinking, OMGoodness what is a 13 year old(just 13 a few days ago) doing with a fr*****' Blackberry anyway!!! Her parents being some of the younger generation in DH's family and him being a policeman, ought to know better. The kid is always on FB even when she's at lessons or should be asleep! AAaaaaggghhh, drives me insane! I suppose I'm just an old 'fuddy-duddy' or something! Carole, you're certainly handling the situation right anyway.

Robin, I enjoyed the bead thing at Olds too however I think I'll wait to do beads until I'm back in the UK, both DD and DIL are really lovely crafters when it comes to beads and have all the stuff! I did put a whole load of beads and things in that envy too. Hope they can use them but if you don't think it's suitable, why not take out and use for your stash.

Deb, hope you had a reasonable days golf the other day. Have been watching the Canadian Open on tv as it's here at Shaugnessy! This course certainly weeds out the least adaptable players! They're too spoiled with the 'easy' courses in the usual pro tour!

Good to see that everyone is keeping busy. After last weekends papercrafting, I've actually been motivated to join a couple of swaps! However most of us are donating all our cards so won't be overstocked with return swaps. They're for a Ronald McDonald House somewhere in the States + I've swapped with this hostess quite few times in the past.

Nancy, hope it warms up a bit for you today, sounds like yesterday was pretty cool in your neck of the woods!

Diane, how are the inchies going?

Better go and be seen to be doing something, DH has just take recycling to the recycling part of our local landfill site. Obviously they don't use it as landfill but it does sound contradictory to say taking recycling to the Landfill! TTYL.

I'm Hooked 07-23-2011 12:34 PM

I have finished making all my ATC's (about 80 in total). This morning I layered the "coins". I versamarked, then embossed with gold, punched them out and used crystal effects and put 3 layers together to make them. I just need to punch a small hole in the center and then figure out how I'm going to attach them to the bottom of the waterfall. I think they are going to look really great.

Looked after my two little grandsons yesterday afternoon. They are growing so fast. Lincoln is experiencing separation anxiety from his Mother right now. He actually cried for quite some time. Broke my heart. I think he knows that his life is going to change drastically again very soon with the birth of this new baby. And Lowen is just getting busier every day. They are both really quite good and I love being with them.

Not too much happening here. Rather quiet actually. Weather has been pitiful. Right now I say I can't wait until the 4th when we go to Arizona -- but I supposed when we hit that heat down there, we'll wonder why we wanted to go down at this time of year. At least we'll see a little sunshine.

Carole4312 07-23-2011 01:05 PM

Awww your grandsons sound so cute Deb xx

What about attaching the coins with a jewellery jump ring or a couple of them ?

Lily_Louise 07-23-2011 02:05 PM

Well done, Deb, bet those ATC's will look great when completed! Is it for swap on this site?

NaNel 07-23-2011 11:30 PM

I'm not sure why I'm still up :) but had a good day, actually made a card. Sounds like everyone is busy :)
Yesterday on this page, at the top, the ad was for Heartfelt Creations and I made the mistake of going to their site---good heavens they sure have some lovely samples of cards using their beautiful stamps etc. I can forsee getting a couple :)

Hope you are all have a nice weekend. The weather was lovey today!

Carole4312 07-23-2011 11:57 PM

Morning everyone ! I hope you all have a nice day/evening wherever you are ! xx :)

Lily_Louise 07-24-2011 06:48 AM

Hi Carole

With the time differnce you were getting up as Nancy went to bed!! Hope the weather is a bit nicer where you are today. We're in for another beautiful and warm sunny day apparently. Still a bit cool yet but then it is just after 6.30 a.m.

Not up because I want to be but because I have to be! DH is leaving for Montreal this morning and of course we need to be at the airport way ahead of time or he gets 'antsy'! It shouldn't ake as long to get to the airport today as it's Sunday so no rush hour traffic thank goodness. When I get back a nap might be in order then I intend to spend some time creating this afternoon. :)

Have a great day everyone and ttyl.

laderme 07-24-2011 07:59 AM

Good morning ladies, Ruth - nice to see you are up and at-em.....I am the lazy one this morning. Just crawled out of bed.

Carole - thanks for the explanation. I wish you well - if anyone can be successful in that business - you can!

Ruth - how long is Rex going to be gone this time? Do you know yet?

Deb - It will be interesting to see how you fare out in August. It may be great for early morning golf, sitting by the pool and chilling out. Are you planning to take some craft stuff and set up or are you going to enjoy doing a little shopping as needed?

Nancy - Heartfelt creations? I am going to try to catch them and see what's up.

Deb/Diane: I couldn't remember who was looking for those little bottlecaps and for what reason, but I did remember to go into our dollar store - sorry but none here in Innisfail. They don't have much actually right now.

Not sure what I am doing today. DD and I have tentative plans to do something, maybe the Harry Potter movie. I wasted the day yesterday - I took some medicine for some spider bites and I ended up in bed napping quite a bit. Won't make that same mistake again today! Did manage to take Brody for a walk and out for a swim, so he was happy, and DS and his GF stopped for a short visit.

I hope everyone enjoys their day...

laderme 07-24-2011 08:12 AM

Ok - I was just over wandering around the other threads and came across one for the new SU mini - imagine my surprise to see they have fabric in it that matches their designer paper?

Where are they heading next?

I'm Hooked 07-24-2011 08:40 AM

good morning all. I'm like Robin this morning, just crawling out of bed. Was up at 7:00 am and decided to crawl back in, and here it is almost 9:30 now. Better get busy as the boys are coming out again today. Tyler is busy working on his truck and he is trying to give Chelsea a little break from the kids. She is getting a little tired now. 5-6 weeks left.

Thanks Robin for looking for those little bottle caps. I probably won't really miss them as I have so much stuff here.

Ruth, the ATC's are for when I go to Salt Lake City in October with the Retreat that Oh My Crafts is hosting. They do a fabulous job. It's the best one that I've been to. The one in Arizona in August is wonderful too, but not going this year (their last time) as my grandbaby is due right then. I have 80 made. I played with attaching the "coins" and think I might have figured something out with floss. The jump rings won't work Carole as the "coins" are actually stamped, embossed, punched out of paper. Then I used an eyelet on the "pull" part of the waterfall. I think the CS would tear if I used a jump. Great idea though!

When Dana and I go to Arizona in two weeks we will just be lazy. Lay at the pool, swim, read a book -- and then of course she will want to shop, shop, shop. And probably be broke, broke, broke. That is okay though. It has been a very long time since I've been able to spoil her a little. I'm looking forward to it.

Well off to help Brian with some yard work today. With all the rain we've had, our yard has been sorely neglected.

Nice to see you Nancy. I would have been so nice if you could have come to Olds -- next year hopefully.

dbennett 07-24-2011 11:33 AM

Wow! You ladies are busy!!
Today is a get it done day here. I got a dress in on Friday to make, for a 50's style wedding, its for the Grandma of the bride. My oldest is off to music camp on Sunday next, and we just signed her up for banjo lessons.
I love that both the girls are into music.
We had a flood here this spring, and all my stamping stuff is piled on top of the table, so one of my goals for the next two weeks is to get it organized and filtered! I need to downsize some things... Robin, where are you sending your things too, and what can they use???

Carole4312 07-24-2011 12:13 PM

Evening everyone !

I've spent the day making ATCs - I haven't made them for years, but I'm doing a 1-2 class tomorrow night with potential new customers, and they make ATCs, so thought I'd better take some for them ! I did some emboss resist, and some sponging and of course lots of stamping, so I just hope they appreciate all the effort - they're on my blog if you want to have a peep !

Actually, not sure if I've put my new blog up on my link or not, but this is it

he[art]fully yours

Hope you all have a fabby day and enjoy the company you have xxxx

dbennett 07-24-2011 12:49 PM

I looked at those earlier today Carole! They are beautiful! YOu are very talented! YOur ladies are lucky to have you as a demo for them!!!

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