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Rox71 08-08-2006 08:58 PM

Sketch Challenge 84
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REMINDER: Please put SC84 in your keywords box.

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I was browsing for tractor images when I came across this week’s layout. I like the attention to layers here. Her canvas layer I’ll leave optional but I really do like the others.
Notice the use of the background image to change the likeness of paper and how the black sets off the card. That doesn’t mean you have to use black!
Let’s see what you can come up with and enjoy the layout!


Gallery Submissions

To print this layout: - (nc means no color) If you see a small layout click on it or if you see an icon click on the words next to it.
-When the black surround screen appears click only on the layout and a white screen with the layout should appear.
-Right click and click on print from the pop up box or hold down your shift key and P key at the same time.
-Now you're ready to choose print and it should print to actual size of the card depending on your computer.

Rox71 08-08-2006 08:58 PM

Here's my cards. My center panel measures 3 1/4 by 2" and the widest frame is 1/2".

Ballet Bears


jstarbright 08-08-2006 08:59 PM

I made it, now to read the challenge, lol

Jeanne S 08-08-2006 09:00 PM

Thanks Roxie :)

tggrfriend 08-08-2006 09:01 PM

Thanks Roxie!

Barbra1224 08-08-2006 09:02 PM

Perfect for my larger images.. Thanks Roxie!

BadSherry 08-08-2006 09:02 PM

Thanks Roxie!

Stampinsilvia 08-08-2006 09:02 PM

HORAY!!! Thank you soo much...you rock!

dawnmercedes 08-08-2006 09:03 PM

I'll dream up a good one!

cindy501 08-08-2006 09:05 PM

oops, guess I wasn't the first to find it afterall. Should have opened it all the way before I ran off at the mouth on the stalking thread. LOL. Very good sketch. Thanks.

raduse 08-08-2006 09:06 PM

Great sketch Rox.

Judy Tulloch 08-08-2006 09:07 PM

Love your cards Roxie. Hopefully I'll get to do the challenge tomorrow after work. It's another good one.....

CardFanatic 08-08-2006 09:07 PM

Great sketch! Thanks Roxie!

Great card, Laura!

CardFanatic 08-08-2006 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by Rox71
Here's my cards.

Ballet Bears


More great samples!

rhondag 08-08-2006 09:09 PM

Great sketch Roxie! Thanks!!

Pretty good challenge for me too----what large image shall I use????? hmmmm....

judylb 08-08-2006 09:10 PM

Thanks Roxie for the Midnight Post--Off to bed to hopefully dream up something to fit that big old space!!

Grandmama BoBo 08-08-2006 09:37 PM

Thanks for posting Rox. Will have to see what I can come up with tomorrow.

stamp_momma 08-08-2006 09:38 PM

Absolutely LOVE the layout! I'll be excited to come up with something in the morning...Need to "find" my stamp desk first and get it cleaned up ;)

lacyquilter 08-08-2006 09:43 PM

Great sketch. Thanks, Roxie.

Wendy G 08-08-2006 09:50 PM

Hey Roxie! Great Sketch! What should I do? :confused:
I bet I can think of something ... :)

McStamper 08-08-2006 10:09 PM

Is the center image about 3 1/4 x 2" ????

Stampinsilvia 08-08-2006 10:10 PM

Thanks for the sketch. The baby is fed, the card is made, I guess I can get some sleep now! Here it is:


Hope you all like it!

MegSnider 08-08-2006 10:15 PM

Great sketch! I'm finally done packing and cleaning for the night, so I can play!!! WOOHOO!!:mrgreen:

stampin-sunnychick 08-08-2006 10:22 PM

WOW you are fast...too bad it is still pending.

Originally Posted by Stampinsilvia
Thanks for the sketch. The baby is fed, the card is made, I guess I can get some sleep now! Here it is:


Hope you all like it!

stampin-sunnychick 08-08-2006 10:24 PM

I need some ZZZ's and then
I will create...Thanks Rox! Awesome samples and sketch as always. G' Night Stalkers...

(i had to sneak back in and find the challenge *wink*)

mocjen 08-08-2006 10:29 PM

This is a fun sketch! Thanks!!

Here is mine:


texasjodylynn 08-08-2006 10:32 PM

Here is one:

Big Smile!

kellymartin 08-08-2006 10:46 PM

great sketch, hope to get to it today...but I'm off to another meeting first!

MegSnider 08-08-2006 10:54 PM

Here's mine:

Rust Posies

stampin-sunnychick 08-08-2006 11:07 PM

Chickadee's you are killing me with the super flying stampin action...You go girls! G'Night!:mrgreen:

mocjen 08-08-2006 11:07 PM

Ok, here is one more using the new DS Holiday Thyme paper!


Thanks for looking!!

rhondag 08-08-2006 11:12 PM

Finally finished-I have another one 1/2 done, but I'll have to finish tomorrow or tomorrow night.

I love Buckaroo Blue right now too!

Yet Another Touch of Nature


texasjodylynn 08-08-2006 11:32 PM

One more before bed. :)

BIG thanks

rainy 08-08-2006 11:41 PM

My sweet little twin grandaughters have been visiting so I have been busy busy busy (and loving it)!!! Thanks for posting early Roxie. They have gone to bed so I have found a moment to play with grandma toys and I love this sketch. btw... Thanks again for those cool 3-D sentiment stickers, Vicky. Got to use one tonight.:D Here is my card:

tggrfriend 08-08-2006 11:46 PM

Here is one for the challenge. Now I'm going to bed. Gotta get up in 5 hours.

diana11460 08-09-2006 12:00 AM

Here's mine! I love this sketch - thanks Roxi! I bordered mine in Choc. chip instead of black. This was a fun one... now to do another! tfl
Thanks a bunch

Vicky Gould 08-09-2006 12:29 AM

Just got up to go to the powder room - man, you west coast people are fast! While we eastern people are sleepin' you're stampin' . . . and from what I've seen so far, stampin rit purty! Love this sketch, Rox. Thanks!

mrikitty 08-09-2006 12:45 AM

here's mine combined with yesterday's CC. TFL!


jazzytobi 08-09-2006 02:23 AM

What a great challenge! I haven't made a card with this many mattes before and I love how crisp it looks. TFL!!

A Friend is Someone Who Makes it Easy http:////www.splitcoaststampers.com/...38772&cat=5806

diana11460 08-09-2006 02:48 AM

I'm back with number 2! Thanks Roxi for posting this great sketch early - I usually don't get the challenges while it's still daytime over here. For this one I turned the sketch on it's side. The image is small, so I added some brads to give it a little more interest. I'm having fun with my new 'best of cluck'. TFL
Just Chicken In

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