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AndreaSophie 09-08-2005 04:04 PM

Sketch Challenge 37
2 Attachment(s)
I want to apologize for making this a THURSDAY challenge instead of a Wednesday challenge :( My internet and phone have been sporadic or completely out since last Thursday evening. I just started back to work and found out I may have to change which school I work at. I found this out Wednesday night, I will know by Friday night and have to be moved into new school and ready to go by Monday morning:o So it has been crazy! But my internet and phone are working again, so at least I have that going for me lol.

Please remember to put SC37 in the keywords box when you upload your creation.

Master Thread

This week's inspiration card was done by sherristampsalot. The layout itself was in a Stampin' Success magazine for demonstrators but I loved her version of it and couldn't wait to make a sketch challenge with sher's card as inspiration.

I apologize in adavance for the especially poor sketch today. I was trying to get this out for you guys asap!

Gallery Submissions

To print this layout: - (nc means no color) If you see a small layout click on it or if you see an icon click on the words next to it.
-When the black surround screen appears click only on the layout and a white screen with the layout should appear.
-Right click and click on print from the pop up box or hold down your shift key and P key at the same time.
-Now you're ready to choose print and it should print to actual size of the card depending on your computer.

kayinrd 09-08-2005 04:06 PM

cute sketch! maybe I will have time to actually do a sketch this week!

Kathyc 09-08-2005 04:08 PM

What amazing challenge hostesses we have, always thinking of us when their lives are upside down! You ladies ROCK!!! This looks like a fun challenge; hope to post something later tonite! Good luck with your situation Andrea! Kathy

tashers 09-08-2005 04:13 PM

Awesome sketch! I will get to work on this right away!

Hope everything goes well in your work!

newinker 09-08-2005 04:18 PM

I can't wait to give it a try. My customer's orders came today and I'll use this sketch to make them thank you cards and attach them to their orders. :D

11Valerie11 09-08-2005 04:43 PM

Yikes, what a lot on your plate, and you still come through with another sketch!
I have to say, my favorite part is "something here." Cracks me up!!
Thanks, AndreaSophie, you're AWESOME!

Edited: to add my card for this week ~


stampkat 09-08-2005 04:55 PM

I am just glad you are okay--we started to worry about you :)

swinddrake 09-08-2005 05:00 PM

Glad to know your O.K. and TY for the sketch. it's going to be fun... :D

Julia S 09-08-2005 05:10 PM

Glad you are OK Andrea! I was getting worried and about to post a thread to see if someone knew what happened to you.:) Thanks for another awesome sketch challenge layout! I was going through withdrawal without it. You should have seen me checking about a dozen times yesterday!

luvmystamps3 09-08-2005 05:23 PM

Looks neat! Must save for the morning!

sleepyinseattle 09-08-2005 05:23 PM

Hi Andrea,
We are all glad you are okay. It's no fun at all being without phone & internet, I'm sure.
I hope your potential school change is a good thing and a blessing for you. Let us know!

craftmut 09-08-2005 05:31 PM

I'm did the wrong challenge
Ok my day really hasn't been that bad, I finished what I though was this weeks challenge went to get my camera and the batteries dead. So I figured I would just come cruise and see everyone else's challenge and found out I did cs32 not cs37, really I haven't been in a cave. But now I'll go do 37 and maybe when it's done my camera will be charged and I can up both.......

Jeanne S 09-08-2005 05:34 PM

Here's mine!


CardFanatic 09-08-2005 05:57 PM

Andrea, Sorry to hear you may have to change schools. (And I thought my school year had started roughly.) I wish you the best.

Thanks for the sketch. Hoping to get one done over the weekend.

auntie65 09-08-2005 06:54 PM

Here's mine too! Hope all goes better for you soon. Pending at 10 pm EST


jstarbright 09-08-2005 06:57 PM

(((( Andrea)))) I am so sorry you are having all these troubles and changes. I hope everything will work out, if you need someone to fuss at, vent to or just get a laugh you can always PM me!

rachelbenj 09-08-2005 08:08 PM

I liked this sketch when I saw it in SS. Thanks for giving me a kick in the butt to give it a try. I'm off to stamp now. :)

Kathyc 09-08-2005 08:15 PM

I combined SC37 & WT25; Here it is:

JusColorado 09-08-2005 08:17 PM

Andrea...so sorry to hear about your school situation. Ick. Hope you're settled in soon.

Will play with this later. What a creative, fun layout. Thanks for the suggestion!

krissypics 09-08-2005 08:47 PM

Don't ask why I chose these colors, it is late and they looked good at the time LOL!


my card

mrslevite 09-08-2005 09:31 PM

This is one I did a while back. I love the layout!

And this one is very similar, but I didn't use a tag: http://gallery.splitcoaststampers.co...0&ppuser=40456

I was thinking a few days ago about the layout and trying to do something like that with my Christmas Cardinal set. I hope I get a chance to that this week. But this week is getting pretty busy. :)

newinker 09-08-2005 10:49 PM

Thanks for taking a look. :)


catjoy 09-09-2005 03:42 AM

Well, bless your heart! It sounds like you've been having a trying week. I hope your weekend is a good one. Thanks for your efforts with the weekly Sketch Challenge. They are appreciated :-)

Take care,

DeniseH 09-09-2005 04:53 AM


I think I may have posted it to wrong gallery, but I did use SC37 in keyword.

kellykk 09-09-2005 05:29 AM

Thanks for posting Andrea. I always look forward to your sketches.

Here is my dual challenge with CC26:

auntie65 09-09-2005 06:14 AM

Sorry my last one got deleted. Here it is again and still pending at 9:15 am EST


bjacobs150 09-09-2005 06:19 AM

here are mine...




kittie747 09-09-2005 06:19 AM

Andrea Sophie,

I was worried that you may have been in the line of Katrina. I'm glad you are OK. I missed your challenge lots as it is one of my favorites. Thanks for taking the time to post it even though you have so much going on. Have a good weekend.

catjoy 09-09-2005 07:03 AM

This was a really fun one to do! Thanks Andrea!


ADK 09-09-2005 07:50 AM

Andreasophie, sorry that your internet and phone is out, frustrating I bet. Is it an indirect result of whats going on in New Orleans?
Thanks for the sketch!! I enjoyed doing it!!

Here's mine SC37

JusColorado 09-09-2005 08:20 AM

This was easy and fun. Will definitely use this layout again. Thanks, Andrea!

SC37 Copper Leaves

luvmystamps3 09-09-2005 08:35 AM

My card for SC37, Had fun with this one! :)

suchaladie 09-09-2005 08:43 AM

this should be easy! Can't wait to try it...

tashers 09-09-2005 01:54 PM

I did two this afternoon, here they are:



scrapmomto2qties 09-09-2005 01:59 PM

Here's mine. Had a hard time with that large tag, but once I got it all together, I liked it more.

evansmommytx 09-09-2005 02:58 PM

Trash to treasure!
I figured I'd do this challenge, but wasn't feeling exceptionally inspired until I pulled the tag from the jeans I just got in the mail for my birthday! I also used the paper from the packing slip that was in there. It was so much fun! Here it is

kittie747 09-09-2005 03:11 PM

I liked this challenge Andrea Sophie. Thanks for putting up.


SassiAngel 09-09-2005 05:49 PM

Thanks again Andrea for the inspiration! These card sketches help me sooooo much when having a creative block, and I seem to be having more and more of them! lol Here's mine.... I think it's still pending:


sherristampsalot 09-09-2005 10:25 PM

Oh My!!
WOW! Imagine my :o shock and :D happy feeling when I saw my card was used for this challenge! THANK YOU AndreaSophie!...what an honor!

newinker 09-09-2005 10:28 PM

I combined this challenge with the Ways to use it and the Limited Supplies challenge. It was a tough one! Thanks for checking it out.


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