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Rox71 07-31-2007 09:07 PM

Sketch Challenge 135
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Here’s a nice angled layout to play with this week. If you don’t have means for cutting an oval feel free to change the shape. If you don’t have the means to cut a shape out of the panel feel free to layer one on top.

How I cut my angled panel: (these measurements do not have to be followed exaclty)
I cut the panel as I normally would when layering
Measure 1 ” each way from two opposite corners
Line the marks up on your cutters edge and make the cut

Stamps'ncoffee - brought to my attention by Lacyquilter

Gallery Submissions

To print this layout: - (nc means no color) If you see a small layout click on it or if you see an icon click on the words next to it.
-When the black surround screen appears click only on the layout and a white screen with the layout should appear.
-Right click and click on print from the pop up box or hold down your shift key and P key at the same time.
-Now you're ready to choose print and it should print to actual size of the card depending on your computer.

Rox71 07-31-2007 09:07 PM

A fun sketch to play with!

Here's my card

myboys 07-31-2007 09:08 PM

Ypieee, I was first thanks it looks fun!

lazylizard 07-31-2007 09:10 PM

I've been waiting, but you beat me Billie!!

Hawkeye Stamper 07-31-2007 09:10 PM

Cool challenge!

stagccva 07-31-2007 09:10 PM

great sketch - thanks!

Twinshappy 07-31-2007 09:11 PM

OOhh Aawww... Very intersting Rox! Thanks for posting early!

deipara 07-31-2007 09:12 PM

Sounds like fun! :)

sstark35 07-31-2007 09:14 PM

Really nice sketch! I'll be playing first thing tomorrow!

Stamps'nCoffee 07-31-2007 09:16 PM

Lol!!! I was looking at the sketch and thinking to myself...hmmm I think I did a card similar to that before...and then I looked at the sample...I have to admit I'm feelin pretty special right now!! Thanks to lacyquilter for mentioning my card and thank you, Roxie, for using it!! :)

hskelly 07-31-2007 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by Stamps'nCoffee (Post 6703887)
Lol!!! I was looking at the sketch and thinking to myself...hmmm I think I did a card similar to that before...and then I looked at the sample...I have to admit I'm feelin pretty special right now!! Thanks to lacyquilter for mentioning my card and thank you, Roxie, for using it!! :)

Congrats, Jocelyn - this is such a cool sketch!!!

StampOwl 07-31-2007 09:18 PM

Great one Roxie!!!!!!!!! I'm ready to play!!!!!!!!

*Chelle* 07-31-2007 09:19 PM

great choice of a sketch Roxie
I hope to find some time for this one this week!

Lov'n Life n Vegas 07-31-2007 09:22 PM

CONGRATULATIONS JOYCELYN, thaks for the fun challenge Roxy... See you all in the gallery:)

MichelleRedman 07-31-2007 09:31 PM

Rox...great sketch!!! Gonna sleep on it and create it in the morn'!!! Congrats, Joy!!! What an honor it must be to have your card used as the sample!!! Great job!!

bensarmom 07-31-2007 09:33 PM

Great sketch Roxie, hope to play later in the day.

Inky Button 07-31-2007 09:50 PM

I'm in my stamp room and ready to play!! Yay!

lazylizard 07-31-2007 09:58 PM

It's late and I may have not the measuring exact, but here is my attempt at this challenge:

Bandana Cowboy 2

beadn&stampn 07-31-2007 10:16 PM

Fun sketch Roxie! Thanks... I will have to play in the AM!

hlr976 07-31-2007 10:18 PM

What an outside-of-the box type of sketch!!! Just love it! Gets the creative juices flowin'! Here's my Garden Whimsy

lacyquilter 07-31-2007 10:33 PM

Ooo, great sketch, Roxie! I'll have to try and fit it in between dirty dare cards, which I'm still plugging away at. I'm hoping to get them all done, but I'm only halfway there.

tracymum 07-31-2007 10:40 PM

Beautiful card Jocelyn. It's easy to see why it has provided inspiration! This is a great sketch challenge, thanks Roxie. The wheels are turning Whrrrrrrr.....

annablue 07-31-2007 10:40 PM

Hi Liz, nice card - the measuring looks fine. I wish we had that range over here. Maybe one day.......... A question for you, or anyone else: how do you put the card name as the link instead of the whole URL? Thanks

Twinshappy 07-31-2007 10:42 PM

Here is mine:


~CA~ 07-31-2007 10:43 PM

I haven't done a challenge in almost 2 weeks. I'm having withdrawals!!! I'll try this one; thanks Roxie!!!!

rosella s 07-31-2007 11:00 PM

Congrats Joycelynn! Great scetch. Will definitely try to play tomorrow. Now I have to dream about it first! Good Night everybody!

stamps4funinCA 07-31-2007 11:29 PM

Thanks for the sketch idea Rox!! Here's mine: http:////www.splitcoaststampers.com/...0&ppuser=66702

StampOwl 07-31-2007 11:36 PM

here is my card for this weeks sketch.

Quack Quack!

mrsadept 07-31-2007 11:38 PM

Ok - now this will be a definite challenge. :) I am off to play. :)

jostvig 07-31-2007 11:51 PM

I thI'll try this tomorrow.

blondie090277 08-01-2007 12:04 AM

This one was really fun! Here is my Jellyfish Creation....


mr33634 08-01-2007 12:18 AM

Here is my card for this challenge.


Inky Button 08-01-2007 12:31 AM

That was such a great sketch Rox!! Thanks for a fun one.



mkstampin74 08-01-2007 12:34 AM

ooohhh...very different sketch. great one, roxie! will play later if i get my scanner up and going again today!

defoe 08-01-2007 12:34 AM

This was fun to do, thanks for the sketch Roxie, here is mine.


annablue 08-01-2007 02:28 AM

Hi All, I forgot to put comments with this one as I was getting more and more frustrated with the upload. Hope you like this one. Thats it for today.

Still not allowed to post URL's :( - So have a look under Set Sail. Thanks

Melissa41 08-01-2007 02:50 AM

Hopefully I can find time to try this evening after work! Looks like fun. Great sketch!

markie's mom 08-01-2007 03:40 AM

Hi, everyone! WOW! This was a great sketch! And, I was able to make a "ARGGG!" card for my sister. LOL

Here's today's submission:

akronstamperdpk 08-01-2007 04:13 AM

WOW . . . how do you guys get on here and have a card already done so fast? Do you stay up ALL night???? This looks like a great sketch and I'm looking forward to playing today. Later

Vicky Gould 08-01-2007 04:23 AM

What a great sketch. Thanks for the early posting, Rox - I love waking up to the challenge!


Thanks for looking - DTGD is over - now, we have more time to COMMENT!

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