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AndreaSophie 06-15-2005 11:12 AM

Dollar Store Challenge!!!!!
I just went through the DD for June and all I can say is WOW!!!! I am so inspired by what they did and I am going to the dollar store today.

Soooo, I am issuing a $$ store challenge! It will run for 2 weeks from today! Go to the dollar store, target dollar spot, or any discount type store and find something for $1 or less and stamp on it or use it on a card! Post your creations in the gallery and link it here on this thread so we can all see what you came up with.

When you post your link you will get a number her on this thread and after the two weeks are up I will randomly draw a number and that person will win a prize.

Get creating!!! And posting here!

JJBrooks 06-15-2005 11:16 AM

Going to Target!:)

hoosierstamper 06-15-2005 11:26 AM

Does it have to be a card?

EDIT: What about if I already did something with a Dollar Spot item but it's been in the gallery for about a week? Am I D'Qd? :)

AndreaSophie 06-15-2005 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by hoosierstamper
Does it have to be a card?

EDIT: What about if I already did something with a Dollar Spot item but it's been in the gallery for about a week? Am I D'Qd? :)

It can be anything! I think using something you did last week would be fine! Link it here!

dpierstamper 06-15-2005 12:02 PM

YeeHaw!! This my kind of challenge, I love bargains and I just got the credit card statement and cut myself off of credit. I'm headed to town this weekend with stop at target and Dollar Store and see what I can come up with. Deb

Pinky 06-15-2005 12:14 PM

I do not if these can count as I made them a while ago:



I will make more...I love a bargain...:)

CAStampinMel 06-15-2005 12:25 PM

My first challenge!
Great idea! I save the change I find when I do laundry and save it for trips to the dollar store!

Not sure if these count because I made & posted a while ago:

Bath goodies from the Dollar Tree: http://gallery.splitcoaststampers.co...cat=500&page=1

Covered notebook:

Picnic basket:

I'll try to get some newer stuff posted!

jen9853 06-15-2005 12:34 PM

I was JUST at the dollar store! Where I am in Canada, it's called the "Looney Store", because the $1 coins here are called "Looney" 's, they have loons on them (as in the bird). My Mom and I laughed so hard the first time we saw one! Anyhow, I actually found a few things, one of them being a date stamp! :) I'll have to play around later! Fun challenge!!

luvmystamps3 06-15-2005 01:24 PM

This is a great idea! I have so much $ stuff I would like to use up! :)

kayinrd 06-15-2005 04:25 PM

I made this post-it note holder for my mom using a picture frame from the $ store. I need to go buy some gift bags at the $ store, so I guess I need to look closer for things to stamp or embellish with.

dollar store challenge

cookiestamper 06-15-2005 05:00 PM

Here is my first upload for the $ store challenge. I picked up the pack of wedding favor boxes earlier this week.


Jami 06-15-2005 05:09 PM

Andrea - what a FUN challenge! So glad you gave us 2 weeks. I should be able to play.

*wheels are turning*

Mamalanie 06-15-2005 05:19 PM

Yay! an excuse to go to the dollar store!

mocjen 06-15-2005 05:50 PM

FUN idea! I can't wait to try this challenge!

JusColorado 06-15-2005 05:57 PM

Thanks for the fun challenge, Andrea. I hope to be able to play...two weeks should be about the right time frame for me. :)

dpierstamper 06-15-2005 07:13 PM

As I worked on the SC challenge today I thought of what I would do for the $Store challenge, when I remembered one I did last week for TLChallenge. I did a card that just needed a little something to make it complete and when I went to my box of embellishments I found a wire flower that I had purchased at the Dollar Spot at Target, so I finished my card.
Here are the before http://gallery.splitcoaststampers.co...cat=500&page=1

and after version.


sleepyinseattle 06-15-2005 09:33 PM

Here is my first attempt:


Will have to see what other treasures I can find at Target and get busy.
Thanks for another fun challenge, Andrea!

ChristyStamps 06-15-2005 10:02 PM

Here is a card I made last week. I got the little thank you charms at the dollar spot at Target! How fun! I am going to have to work some more on this challenge!


Pinky 06-16-2005 03:46 AM

Ok, here is my wonderful dollar purchase of these cute little cats, I am a cat lover and I could not resist it. I paid $1 for it at our local dollar store and it has Anita on the side of it.


Thanks Andrea...:)

degrffn 06-16-2005 04:17 AM

Just realized this morning that yesterday I uploaded a card that would fit this challenge. I used letter stickers from the Target Dollar Spot.

Good excuse to head back to Target or the Dollar Store though, to do some more stuff!

Tampersay 06-16-2005 05:24 AM

Woo Hoo!!! I'm triple dipping! The card I posted for this week's sketch challenge along with this week's color challenge also fits the $$ challege. The rhinestone on my card is from the Target Dollar Spot. Man, I wish I had bought more of those when they were there!

$$ Challenge!

hoosierstamper 06-16-2005 06:02 AM

Ok, here's what I made a couple of weeks ago: http://gallery.splitcoaststampers.co...cat=500&page=1

raeritter 06-16-2005 12:01 PM

I made this last week. The spiral notebook is from the Dollar store.

raeritter 06-16-2005 01:09 PM

I also made this today. It is from the dollar spot at Target.

Happy Heart 06-16-2005 03:40 PM

This is the first challenge I've had the time to participate in, but I should have more free time over the summer!

Here's a link, but I just uploaded it, so it may be a while:

Wasatch Wizard 06-16-2005 08:20 PM

Love this challenge!! After spending hours in this months DDD gallery I had already made up my mind to take a trip to the dollar store ASAP anyway so this challenge fits in great!! Here is my first project...it's going to me my son's teacher gift.

Gift Soaps with Fan Topper

Jami 06-16-2005 09:06 PM

Here's my first entry for the Dollar Store Challenge. Already had the supplies on hand 'cause I tend to be hoarder - even of $1 items! LOL!


(pending as of 10pm Pacific)

Rox71 06-17-2005 04:39 AM

My first challenge
I've seen some great work so far for this challenge and will share my finds. I happen to be one the dollar store queens since my SIL and I send out so many cards for charity the dollar store finds are a real bonus to the budget and we still keep Stampin Up in good profits! All the supplies I already had on hand.
Card one is dollar stamps for the flower and hello-(Michaelís) and the ladybug was ten cents at a resale event. All cardstock and decorative paper is also from the dollar store. The markers are Walmart (on sale) and of course the ink is from Stampin Up.
Card two is Michaelís dollar stamp cow, Hero Arts alphabet (coupon purchase), fabric store remnant bag ribbon, dollar store cardstock and once again Stampin Up ink and also the Fun Fillers and Itty Bitty Backgrounds stamps.

AndreaSophie 06-17-2005 02:59 PM

Whew, I had some fun with this challenge! I spent 11dollars and got 12 great projects.
Hairbow card 1 http://gallery.splitcoaststampers.co...cat=500&page=1
hairbow card 2
sequin flower wedding card
Cool kitty frame
Ribbon message board
black/white picture frame
Basket of cards
Sweet Sushii!!
Get ready for summer sandals kit

sherristampsalot 06-17-2005 03:41 PM

I'll be back!

jstarbright 06-17-2005 05:55 PM

How fun is this challenge!! I love the dollar stores and all the cute finds they have tucked away on shelves. This card has ribbon that I found at Walmart for .75 cents and a clear plastic tag pebble which comes on a sheet of 9 for $1.00 from a local dollar store. Psssst....don't tell but I sent a sheet in for prizes for the next Virtual Stamp Night so someone will be winning some soon!


This pocket card has silk flowers I found at the dollar store and snipped off the stems so I could just use the flower part


I found all kinds of 2 inch patterned ribbons for $1.00 and fell in love with this tulip design, the dragonfly was a clearance bargain at H. Lobby and seemed to work with the ribbon


1 more, used 2inch daisy ribbon from the $ store:


Thank you for this challenge and I have loved looking at everyones posts so far, am glad it is a 2 week challenge

raduse 06-18-2005 07:32 AM

Ok, here's mine so far pending approval. Like Jami, I've had most of this sitting around the house and just haven't used them yet. Will have to do more shopping this weekend. :)




Rox71 06-18-2005 08:35 AM

Raduse made me think of this one with her tied on button. It was already in my gallery

I got a variety pack of buttons at a dollar store and the crewel embroidery thread was from a garage sale. Just be careful embossing on the button so you donít get it to hot. I stamp just one flower and then heat and let it cool before moving on to the next one.


heather freeman 06-18-2005 12:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Ooooh ! No wonder I've been seeing so many wonderful $store finds revamped and posted in the gallery ! I'm loving all these terrific ideas - thanks for sharing - since I like doing that sort of thing myself. I'll need to look for some photos of other things I've done with dollar store goodies......
I posted one the other day of a notepad I sanded, painted and stamped. It was time consuming but fun and I was pleased with the outcome. The photo doesn't show the detail very well. Now let me see if I can insert a link to it:

Ribboned notepad

Also, the attachment is of what it looked like before - big spider on it, eek !!!

LodiChick 06-19-2005 09:04 AM

This is a great challenge especially since I buy things there all the time and then they sit around. So, I have gotten motivated and here are a few. I posted on Friday about Joannes sale on clearance items so I bought a boat load of journals for 2.50 and 3.00. The plastic notepad holder I picked up at the Dollar store a few weeks ago. They came with a junior size legal pad inside. Very quick and easy projects, the kind you need when you forgot your sons need Sunday School teacher gifts the next morning!!





I just loaded them so it may take awhile.
I will post more later.

tarponnancy 06-19-2005 11:52 AM

I found these Nail Jewels at Dollar Tree. One type is the crown and another type is her necklace.


Andrea, you made me start my own gallery!

luvmystamps3 06-20-2005 05:35 AM

Heres my First .

needsmorestamps! 06-20-2005 07:35 AM

Here's some stuff already in my gallery but I'm going to try to make some more :)

Here's 2 of the post it note holders - each .97 from Wal-mart's:

Heart post it note holder

sunflower post it note holder

I bought this journal at the $ Store. Have to say it was a pain :0 I took off both of the covers, wrapped them in patterened paper and then had to cut the holes out so that I could put it back on.

Rose Garden Journal

I made this card using a HUGE tub of hair gel that I got at the $ store. Here's my tip - buy the clear gel, it easily tints any color you want it with reinkers :)

Gel Card

I'm going to check out my stash of stuff to see what else I can come up with. I know I have a stash of goodies that I've gotten from the $ store.

The DDD is so great this month (but they always are!). I always scour the $ stores but I always buy things I can stamp on (books, cards, notepads). The things they have thought to use to embellish and creative ways to use unusual items is fantastic!!

needsmorestamps! 06-20-2005 08:14 AM

I forgot about this datebook I had in my purse :) Another $0.97 find from Wal-mart's

Date book

needsmorestamps! 06-21-2005 11:07 AM

Here's another $ store item. Like most of you I've got a stash of items that I've been planning on using but haven't yet. I haven't even made it to the $ store to pick up anything new!!

My keychain

Also, I made this treat for myself!! I give away almost everything I make and decided that this is going to be for little ole me :)

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