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MiamiKel4 10-03-2019 03:42 PM


OMgosh just one more day, one. more. day!

Weekend, hurry up!

Sorry I have been MIA - running around and getting the kid to and from school.
AND I broke down - AGAIN! Towed home. That was my last tow with AAA until the next cycle (which starts next week!) IT's time to start car shopping. I think that's going to put a dent in some things but I have to have a car :(

It's crunch time for party time! We are not ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send me some happy vibes ♥

HOBBYSUE 10-03-2019 05:52 PM


mcschmidty 10-03-2019 08:24 PM

Hello ladies

Susan is BACK!!! Wahoo! Lovimng all of your pictures- looks like a fun and creative weekend with friends! I so love all of the pumpkins- and so love that altered house book! We missed your enthusiam Susan!!!

Lynn- sorry you have been under the weather! Hope you do not have the virus going around here!!!

Jeanette- the Hawaiian mission trip sounds so amazing- just a week or so away! Have a safe trip this weekend! Hope Brock is back to himself after his dental extraction!!!

Kelly- so sorry about yet another car issue! Hope your life is a little less crazy with less driving! How is your hip???

We are having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. I am on watch all day tomorrow. I have my stamps out, and lots of junk we have sorted out of the house- books, games, a couple of book shelves, end tables, a few sewing items, lamps, etc..... The neighborhood has the sale (30 + years) and there are like 25 homes having a sale..... They have arranged for Vincent De Paul to come Monday to pick up all the items not sold- yeah!!!
I do not even care if I make $$$, just happy to de clutter a touch! I will not donate all of my left over stamps yet......but nice to get the other junk out of here!

I had a pretty crazy Religious Ed class Monday- Oh boy- a challenge for sure- too many kids that know each other I think. Tuesday, Bible study and piano- I was not feeling the greatest- was horrible at piano! Tonight, drawing class- it is wonderful!

I spent some time at the neighbors while she had the grandkids this afternoon after I ran alot of errands. The kids were much better today, but wow- a long day for someone 65. After I left, she took the kids to the park, and the 3 yr old ran off, and the dog went and rolled in a mud puddle while she held the baby. LOL Ray went out for a run and saw them- what a crazy scene- she came home and was hosing off the dog when the dad came to get them. They had not eaten dinner yet at 6PM.... I know the baby has a cold and would not take a bottle, so might be an interesting night at home for the parents.

Hugs to all!

allee's 10-04-2019 03:35 AM

Sending happy vibes to your house, Kelly!! That #1 party is going to be one amazing birthday blowout even it you have to hitchhike to each store for every perfect element!! I am praying for the turn-around Lucky Fairy Godmother to show up at your house to help things along in the right direction.

Susan, all that fabulous fall crafting looks amazing. What a crafty bunch of friends you have!! You lucky duck, you! That espresso martini looks divine! I am having my first cup of coffee allowed by the doctor this week and it is heavenly!

Shelly, I truly feel for your sweet neighbor. So glad those toddler years of grandparenting were during my 40s and 50s, or I might not have survived. Best wishes for fabulous weather for your weekend garage sale. I love going to sales where the whole neighborhood is involved! Best wishes for a successful day. Thanks for the well wishes. I am feeling stronger each day.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday, Jeanette, and finding out how your bikini shopping is going for your trip to Hawaii!!

HOBBYSUE 10-04-2019 07:41 AM

Lynn you are so right about dealing with the toddlers. I was in my 50's with Tori and now mid 60's with Claire. Boy she sure wears me out. lol Hope you enjoyed your coffee. was there a reason Dr said no coffee? Or was it because of the tenderness of the skin test? Hope your doing ok. Yes I am very lucky to have such a great group of crafty friends I can play with.

Shelly....Good luck with garage sale. I haven't been to a garage sale in years. I use to go alot when my own kids were younger looking for stuff I could repurpose, refinish etc. Fingers crossed that rains stay away and that you have a fantastic turn out.

Im sure Kelly is off prepping for the party and Jeanettes away til monday so Happy weekend guys.

I have no real plans. Theres a Civil war re-enactment in our park this weekend so I might be going there and check it out. They really put on a great show. Its only 3 blocks from me so it's close.

Happy weekend!

mcschmidty 10-04-2019 05:35 PM

It went from 70's to 50's today here- it was Ok when the sun was out unless the wind was blowing.

We had day of of the garage sale today- we were more focused on cleaning out stuff and clutter than making money. Biggest sale was $50.00 for stamps and stamping magazinges : ) But, we marked prices very low- 2 oak entables- $10.00 for both.....
The homeowners assn has arranged for left-overs pickup, so that makes it even better!

I was trying to take steps and walking out to the street and back, etc....and out of the corner of my eye, saw a big bird

Yes- Bald Eagle! We live no where by a river or lake big enough for him/her to fish in...... how cool is that!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


allee's 10-05-2019 05:14 AM

Susan, the doctor said no coffee until I had rehydrated because caffeine causes additional dehydration. I am feeling really good again (or shall we say as good as a 68 year-old can). Plans for the weekend include making signage for our big church event + name tags + table decoration, etc. etc.

Shelly, what an awesome picture you were able to capture of this bald eagle!! I am sure everyone loved looking up to see that!! That is very, very cool!

I saw a precious little pumpkin sitting on her doorstep waiting for her birthday to arrive, Kelly!! Cuteness overload!!

Forest Ranger 10-07-2019 04:18 AM

Hello Paper-Loving Inky Friends!

Susan,*gasp! No - NO - bikini shopping here. EEK! I did buy a very modest one piece for the trip (about a month ago) and IMMEDIATELY got a cover up to go with it. ;) I've not owned a suit in probably 20 years, so that was a big step.

Shelly, WOW! What a gorgeous photo of the bald eagle. I hope the sale was a success and you had very little leftovers to deal with!

Kelly - did you survive the party??? I know it was awesome! So sorry to hear about the additional car troubles though. UGH!

Lynn, I am glad to hear you're feeling better... sounds like you're busy blessing others, too, which is what you do best, I think!

You ladies are awesome!!! I always look forward to getting to this thread, especially after a few days away.

Our trip was good and I made some great connections for Literacy Missions (which was my responsibility at the Missions Expo) so that's GREAT. Then we took Sunday off and went to Champaign for the night. Visited a church of a young friend there Sunday morning; then went to an apple orchard we'd not been to before. (We take Brock to pick apples every year, a tradition we stared with the kiddos when the 3 were young.) It was fun, but we still miss Tanners, the beloved orchard we went to for 11 years when we lived in northern Illinois.

Now I'm in RUSH mode. I leave for my mission trip next Tuesday - and I have so much yet to do. I also am gone this Friday/Saturday for a meeting so that makes for a short week to get everything accomplished. I'll have to work speedily and be productive, for sure.


HOBBYSUE 10-07-2019 11:27 AM

Boy Jeanette you are always on the run. Where on earth do you get the energy? You need to bottle it and send me some. lol Giggled over swimsuit. I for one have not worn a swimsuit since the early 80's. No water fun for me.

Lynn glad your on the recovery road. At our age we need to take good care of ourselves.

Shelly love you eagle pic. I too am surprised they it was that far from water. Over here and up north we see them alot. Did you know that seagulls intagonize Eagles? Hysterical...we watch them alot over the lake. Those gulls are mean little guys.

Kelly how'd the party go? Hope the weather was good.

Been working on more Halloween houses that I plan to put together up north. We leave friday for about 16 days. Its closing time for the cabin.
talk later

Forest Ranger 10-08-2019 03:15 AM

Hello Paper-Loving Inky Friends!

You wouldn't be giggling if you saw me in that suit, Susan. EEK!

Already? My it seems like you just opened the cabin, doesn't it? I hope you enjoy the time there - all 16 days! We'll miss you here - but then again, I'll be gone, too, much of the time you're gone, as I'll be in Hawaii for 8 days.

Waving to everyone else!


MiamiKel4 10-08-2019 06:01 PM

Hi friends!

Sorry I haven't been able to stop in - just too much going on here at the same time!

Alice is officially ONE! I cannot believe a year flew by! She had a terrific party and it was perfect from moment begin to moment end! It was forecast to rain some and not a drop! We had a full turnout, not a single cancellation, and it was fun seeing everyone again and meeting new friends, too! From the catering to the tent to the stacks and stack of new toys and gifts mailed and those attending, its going to take another day to get all of this under control https://images.splitcoaststampers.co...icon_smile.gif We danced and had games and she was the belle of the ball - freshly napped so she was up the whole time, smiling and having so much fun. Her first birthday was a HUGE success!

I also started a new book club, though this month's book is interesting! It's Ninth House - not my normal style but I loved last month and met a few new people, so I'm going with the flow! My son's drama department is in full swing and I spent yesterday building sets. I think this is going to be one strange drama show (I've never heard of it!) and my son isn't in it but part of the Tech. Bought the tshirt, painting some sets, now I'll sling snacks when time is ready! We had Open House, lots of activities for Scouts and his BSA OA ...... and yesterday was the montlhly meeting for his high school mission. Whew!

Bux? Yes! It keeps me going! LOL!

Looks like everyone is equally busy and running around - stories of our lives, right?

Hugs all around!

Forest Ranger 10-09-2019 03:24 AM

Hello Paper-Loving Inky Friends!

Oh my, Kelly - how do you keep from collapsing from sheer exhaustion??? I need a nap just from reading what you've been up to. I'm glad little miss Alice had a great birthday celebration. How fun!

Waving to Lynn, Susan, and Shelly, too!

So.... it's crunch time. I leave for Hawaii in less than a week... and I'm still putting finishing touches on the breakout conference I'm leading for the women there. My DH and I are meeting with our Association's Administrative Assistant for a 2-3 hours this morning. She's retiring the end of the month so we have to learn all we can about mailings, how to do the newsletter, and more. It looks like I'll be doing her job at least until the end of the year so my DH has time to re-evaluate what our Association needs in regards to that position. After her 25 years of service, there are changes that need to be made and he wants that figured out before he hires the next one.

Tomorrow is an all-morning prepping/cooking for the meal I'm serving for a meeting here in town. I leave early Friday morning and don't get home until late Saturday night for an out-of-town meeting (preparing for my next mission trip - to work with Refugee women in Las Vegas). Monday will be spent doing laundry and packing, as well as a lot of other last minute things. Yikes! Will I get everything finished before I fly off to Hawaii??? I'm starting to wonder.

Oh, and just so you know, after today you'll not see me again until Monday. I will definitely want to pop in on Monday to make the rounds and check up on what's happening, as well as to say bye before I leave for Hawaii.


allee's 10-09-2019 04:01 AM

Good morning my inky friends. I feel like such a slacker. With just two and a half short weeks until our big church event, I am about to panic with all that is on my plate to accomplish. I MAY have taken on more than I can handle! I apologize for not being able to get around to blogs and visit here on any kind of a regular basis, but I promise to do better as I work my way down my to do list. I miss getting to see your fabulous creations and chat with you all about your lives.

Jeanette, did you work in a few tanning sessions so you'll look great in that sleek new swimsuit??? Hawaii here you come!! How long will you be there? I'll be praying about your new office assistant. Finding the right person with the right temperament and skills is so very important. I know that your husband is wise to take his time to find the perfect fit.

Oh, Kelly!! I wish I had been a fly on the wall at Alice's fabulous birthday bash!! Sounds like it was absolutely perfect!! It also sounds like you get to start at the bottom and work your way up at the new school!! I am sure there will be a lot of slinging paint and cold drinks that you have to live through, but knowing you, you will be queen bee at the top of the heap before you know it!!

Susan, I'm still drooling over your fabulous crafting creations. Will it be cold up at the cabin now? They promised us cooler weather this week, but we are still in the 90s.

Hey, Shelly!! Joining you here at SCS in morning challenges a few times a week is about all that is keeping me sane! I need the break away from "have to" crafting to "want to" crafting from time to time. As Jeanette would say, "It's cheaper than therapy!"

Forest Ranger 10-09-2019 04:35 AM

Hello Lynn... I hear you on the "I MAY have taken on more than I can handle" panic mode. ;) We will get it done, though. One step at a time. Right? I'm sure you will do a fabulous job!

I'll be gone to Hawaii for 8 days (inlcuding travel it is more like 10, I think - though our flights got changed yesterday so now I'm trying to figure out when I'm coming and going. LOL!)

allee's 10-09-2019 04:48 AM

How will you stand it? Eight days in paradise!!!

MiamiKel4 10-09-2019 06:32 PM


Happy Wednesday indeed!

Finally had a chance to breath today - NO SCHOOL!

BUT, I ended up all over the place, including accompanying my daughter take Alice to the pediatrician for her 1st year check up! Little chunky monkey is growing! She's SO TALL! She did get 4 shots which broke my heart - I started to cry and made quite a fool of myself but I could'nt help it!

Hi Lynn! Gettin' crunchy tonight to make a card real quick! wink, wink!

Hi Shelly, Hi Susan! Jeanette, have a safe trip to the meetings and such!

allee's 10-10-2019 03:17 AM

No school?!! What are you guys celebrating in Florida these days?? Have you recovered yet from your injections, Kelly??

I've been up crafting for an hour already. Are you guys sleeping in or WHAT?? I have to get three more cards done by 7 o'clock so I guess I better go hit it.

MiamiKel4 10-10-2019 04:33 PM


Yes, it's true - Friday is coming!

Oh Lynn, I was up! :) I got up at 5 am (went to bed at 2 am!) and it's been a LONG day - wish I had the chance to nap, hee hee!

Today, while my son/dh are at Scouts, I hope to get some cards done - it's CRUNCH time! (not the candy type, hee hee!)


MiamiKel4 10-13-2019 06:10 PM


Hi all! Yes, I blinked and our busy weekend was over just like that!

I have a full day tomorrow and hope to squeeze in some time to drop in - set building at the high school for the new drama play, Radium Girls. My son isn't in it - he's running tech and I'm running paintbrushes and power tools, LOL!

My SIL was a sweetheart today and cooked dinner for us all - he's quite the chef, too. He made chicken parmesan over pasta and was so sweet to make mine with eggplant!

Now we are rollin', LOL!

Seems everyone is busy and doing their thang - so I'll wave and hope to get crafty tonight. Some cards to make to get ahead of the game for this week's cards!


Forest Ranger 10-14-2019 03:38 AM

Hello Paper-Loving Inky Friends!

Lynn, WOW! I am in awe - making cards (multiple cards) before 7:00 AM. I rise early but have to wait a bit to do that. ;) Yes, 8 days of suffering for the Lord. LOL! Funny thing is, the meeting I was at this weekend was training for those who are leading mission trips for our state convention in 2020. There were 13 of us there. Some are leading international trips and some domestic. Did I mention I'm leading one to Las Vegas to work with Refugee women there? I am, in March. And man oh man did the group RAZZ me about the fact I'm going to Vegas. LOL! It was all in good fun. We'll be doing a great ministry while there - and no, we won't be gambling.

Kelly, your SIL was sweet to fix you and the family a delicious meal! I could get into having another cook in the house. Have fun with the power tools and paint brushes today!

Waving to Susan and Shelly!

I'm dashing through this morning on a day that's going to be filled with a last-minute flurry of activity in preparation for leaving for the first leg of my journey to Hawaii tomorrow. Unless I pop back on here later today, I'll see you again after I return from my mission trip.


allee's 10-14-2019 04:42 AM

My prayer for you today, Jeanette, is that every single needed thing makes it into your suitcase. No ooops allowed! May your trip be filled with learning and blessings and lots of Hawaiian sunshine! Then it's on to Vegas!!

We have lost our office administrator at the church this week, so I am coming out of retirement after 16 years to answer the phone and let people into the church (for today ONLY)! Dressing professional, what the heck is that???

Forest Ranger 10-14-2019 05:27 AM

Thank you Lynn... you're going to do amazingly well today - and looking professional, too.

That's funny because our Association's Administrative Assistant is retiring the end of this month after 25 years in the office (where my DH has been the director for 3 years). Sooooo... when I get back from Hawaii I'll be taking over newsletter creating, mailings, organizing/purging, and a variety of other things at least until the end of 2020 at which time DH will decide whether he wants to hire another Administrative Assistant or simply hire people to do certain tasks. I hope I don't have to dress professionally. ;)

MiamiKel4 10-14-2019 12:39 PM


Yes, it Monday! I hope yours was great (so far!)

I'm still CAR-less and glad one of my daughters had a car today for pick up and drop off. And I hope to get mine back soon! Rocket had a blow out of something in the engine and was towed home last week. She's still waiting for me!

Spend the day building and drinking lots of water - the high school turns of the air over the weekends so Monday am? SWELTERING!!!!!!!

Lynn, wow! You'll look a vision, I'm sure! How nice of you to step in and no friendly or more beautiful face than yours is needed to be the meet and greet! Just no phone pranks and no ordering any pizzas, LOL! (am I old - anyone remember doing that?!)

Jeanette, I'm sure you have this down to a science - Hawaiii is still like top 5 of my favorite places I've been and you'll touch many lives, no doubt!


mcschmidty 10-14-2019 10:29 PM

Hello ladies!
Jeanette- I hope you see this before you leave- I will be praying for you and no doubt you will make an impact on so many souls/lives! I am so sorry you have to suffer through such a location! hehehe No dice throwing! Oh wait, that is another trip....!

Kelly- hope the play and set creation goes well this week. I have never heard of that play. So fun that little Alice is one already- had a one year old on the plane in front of us today- played pee-a-boo with her quite a bit- what a great fun age!!!

Lynn- how sweet of you to get dressed (up) and help out at church for a day! And, I am sure you are organized and the rest will fall into place!!! Fun to see you in challenges, I am not able to play too much this week- I did not bring any crafting supplies with me!

Susan- missing you!!! Waving Hello!

Well, the wedding was fabulous! The bride was beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking! The winery was on/near rolling hills and some of the bushes were turing yellow and red. (The grass was really brown all over on the hills though). It was really fun to see these young ladies who grew up together and have kept in touch to date!
The airbnb cancelled us on Thursday before we left, so I had to find another place to stay 24 hours before arrival.... It worked out, but was a bit farther away. The power was down when many of the grooms family arrived from Australia, so the navigation stories and such were a hoot!
We flew very early this morning (although I slept more than Kelly and probably Jeanette too) from Sab Francisco to Salt Lake City, then drove to my son's- about 4 hours. How beautiful was the ride! I had to pull over and let Ray drive, as I in fear I would fall asleep while driving (rare for me to feel like that).
By the end of the night- the baby was in our arms! Yippee!!! Kayla had to work today and says it was tough- no kids until Thursday of this week- fall break.

I have been missing the chatter, but did read back a bit.
Have a great day!!!


allee's 10-15-2019 01:53 PM

Someone has been keeping a BIG secret!! Congratulations, Kelly!! So excited to see your face in the Dirty Dozen gallery today!! No one deserves it more!!

Thing2 10-15-2019 02:16 PM


MiamiKel4 10-15-2019 02:47 PM

Aw Lynn, thank you so much!! I am elated! Over the moon JOYFUL!! My heart is singing with pure happiness! Yes, it as VERY hard to keep that a secret but now it's wonderful to share it with all! It's a dream come true and a lifetime wish since my first years here on SCS! Thank you for your sweet words!

mcschmidty 10-15-2019 11:04 PM

Hi ladies,
I got lots of baby time today and happy as a clam. Hubby is smitten too! He is 5 months, very interactive and smiles and giggles lots!!!

Kelly, oh Kelly- I knew you before you were famous : ) Awesome news and CONGRATS to you!!!


allee's 10-18-2019 05:27 AM

Yea, for baby time, Shelly!! Grab all the snuggles you can get!! Those days pass all too quickly!!

MiamiKel4 10-18-2019 03:55 PM


Thank you so much, dear friends! I was SO HARD not to spill the beans and I'm still pinching myself and floating on Cloud 9! Such a dream come true!!

Oh Shelly, baby snuggles! Yay! They are the best - and such a fun age of discovery! Enjoy!

Lynn, I hope things are nice and calm and lots of people were blessed by your 'secretarial' voice at church!

This has been a WILD week for sure. I haven't stopped for a moment. In addition to a great play and a wonderful theater production, Buddy - who originally was my son's dog but he was so little and went off to school. so Buddy became my dog and latched on to me early and is now my 5th child, ended up in the ER vet. I was beside myself as he was struggling to breath and gasping for air, thinking something was stuck in his airway. They sent us home where we struggled all the next day to figure out what was going on - went to his normal vet and discovered they misdiagnosed him and gave him the wrong meds. Oh :( He's better but on a ton of medicines and had xrays, iv, oxygen, etc .... oh it's been so RUFF! This fur mama has cried buckets!

They really are like children. Not quite, But close :)

Hugs to our long lost Susan and our traveling Jeanette!

allee's 10-19-2019 04:54 AM

Oh, no, Kelly!! I am so thankful they figured out what was going on with Buddy and hope all the tests and meds will lead to a happy, healthy dog. Momma needs a relief from all the tears and fears.

In exactly one week, this church event will be in the rear view window, and I will be sleeping for 48 hours, at least. The issues that arise and need to be overcome are kind of like the game, "Whack the Mole." We can't let our guard down because the next problem is just about to pop up! I finished all 60 volunteer name tags yesterday. Today it will be 20 table toppers. Where or where is Susan when you need her?? LOL!! I am going to put my mom, dad, and sister to work today helping me get those done.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!! I know Jeanette and Susan are probably spending a little slice of it at the water's edge!! Enjoy!! Shelly, I hope you are still rocking that precious baby! Kelly, I know you are probably still rocking Buddy!! I would be!!

MiamiKel4 10-19-2019 10:10 AM


Happy Saturday! This mama - including fur mama - slept in until 10!
The kids are all gone, Buddy was beside me in my son's bed :smile: He had a better night, PTL.

LYNN! YOU are bringing such joy and wonderment to the people of the church! I know your talents - both visually and that of your heart - are doing amazing things. Isn't it so awesome being a steward - I love that you are sharing your wealth of faith!

I want to go to the beach, too! Not to swim (I'm not even sure I have a suit that fits!) but to enjoy the slight - SLIGHT - chill we have now. It's really nice in the evenings!

We should start singing and have a duet ...... maybe the girls would come back! Shelly, Jeanette, Susan! Oh wait, if *I* am singing, maybe they will not ......... tee hee!


MiamiKel4 10-21-2019 11:16 AM

Hello hello!

(Echo...) :)

Hope everyone is doing well !
I’m off to the vet again but this time with the kitty cat, Finny. She will most likely have to stay over through the night so they can monitor her and get to the bottom of what’s wrong and my daughter is an absolute mess :( I feel so bad for her because I just went through that last week with Buddy. Think good thoughts!

allee's 10-21-2019 02:56 PM

Praying for Finny!! Hope the vet gets her back on track!!!

mcschmidty 10-21-2019 05:49 PM

Gosh, I forgot how we had to run the dog to the vet and how much $$$ we spent- and did not care, as he was our long time companion!
Hope Finny improves quickly!

Lynn- how are your pups? When you described the game "Whack the Mole", that is my husbands job everyday. He does support, so is bombarded with probles everyday. He enjoys it though.
At home, the hard things are easy for him, and the easy things are hard : )

Hope Jeanette and Susan are having safe travels! Susan is sure gone a long time!!!

Home and to bed at 3am ish..... so slept until almost noon. I woke up when Ray got up for work (he works at home), but fell back to sleep. Did laundry, unpacking done and got to make a couple of cards today!

Tomorrow, I am getting a shingles shot. I am hearing people feel crapy after getting them..but, my Dad had them and they are nasty, so I want the shot. Back to the grind- grocery shopping, piano and bible study tomorrow night.

It was SOOOOO hard to leave that sweet baby!!!


MiamiKel4 10-22-2019 10:53 AM


Waving hello! Lynn - thank you!! Finny will have to go back in 2 days so that the antibiotics that are in her system can clear so they can do the correct test that she needs.. poor baby.

MiamiKel4 10-22-2019 10:56 AM

Hi Shelly! Welcome home! You are the busiest and travelingist lady I know! I’m so glad you got to see the baby and get those snuggles! i’m so glad you got to see the baby and get those snuggles in! Aren’t they delicious!

yes we were joking that we “spent the rent” taking the dog to the vet and now my daughter the cat it is certainly not cheap ! But we are fur parents and you do what needs doing!

Yes Jeanette is back tomorrow but where oh where is Susan!!! Missing ya girl!


MiamiKel4 10-23-2019 09:04 AM


Happy Wednesday!

Behind in my morning routine - took the kid to school at 6 am and came home (6:45) and went back to bed! If I hadn't have heard Alice squealing and having fun all the way down the hall, I probably would have slept longer :)

I'm off to Hobby Lobby and Michaels - the 'filler' items, like versamark and stazon - not things you can pick up at the grocery store, hee hee!


allee's 10-23-2019 06:18 PM

Speaking of Hobby Lobby. I got two Big Kicks for $19.99 each today! Will make really nice stocking stuffers for some of my crafty friends or family.

Welcome back, Shelly!! I did very well with my shingles shots. My arm was very sore, but that was it on both occasions.

Forest Ranger 10-24-2019 03:08 AM

Hello Paper-Loving Inky Friends!
I'm back - the trip was FABULOUS!!!

Woo Hoo Kelly - I am still over-the-moon excited that they saw your talent and chose you as a Dirty Dozen gal! Congratulations! Now about Buddy and Finny, I sure hope both are doing well now!

Lynn, I loved your rear-view mirror comment. What a fun perspective. I'm always - ALWAYS - impressed with your giving heart! You invest so much in your church, friends/family, and more!

Shelly, oh how sweet that you got to spend time with the grandest of grands in your family! I'm sure it was pure joy! And I'm glad you found alternate housing when your reservation got canceled on such short notice.

Susan, is she missing again? I'll just wave and hope she sees me!


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