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Default Ah! the love of poetry . . .

"We have art so that we shall not die of reality."(Nietzsche)
When I知 a Little Old Lady
Author Unknown.

When I知 a little old lady
Then I値l live with my children and bring them great joy.
To repay all I致e had from each girl and boy.
I shall draw on the walls and scuff up the floor;
Run in and out without closing the door,
I値l hide frogs in the pantry, socks under my bed.
Whenever they scold me, I値l just hang my head.
I値l run and romp, always fritter away
The time to be spent doing chores everyday.
I値l pester my children when they池e on the phone.
As long as they池e busy, I won稚 leave them alone.
Hide candy in closets, rocks in a drawer,
And never pick up my clothes from the floor.
Dash off to the movies and not wash a dish,
I値l plead for allowance whenever I wish.
I値l stuff up the plumbing and deluge the floor,
As soon as they致e mopped it, I値l flood it some more
When they correct me, I値l lie down and cry.
Kicking and screaming, not a tear in my eye,
I値l take all their pencils and flashlight, and then
When they buy new ones, I値l take them again.
I値l spill glasses of milk to complete every meal,
Eat my banana and just drop the peel.
Put toys on the table, spill jam on the floor,
I値l break lots of dishes as though I were four.
What fun I shall have, what a joy it will be,
To live with my children . . . Like they lived with me!
A Mother痴 Recipe!
I rewrote this "recipe" so it was more in keeping with a stamping experience with small children! Hope your Mother's Day was a happy one! Rushie d

Get out the cardstock, get out the inkpads and reinkers and dig out the stamps. Remove eighteen blocks and seven toy autos from dining room table.
Place stamping supplies on table and sit down.
Measure cardstock;
get up to remove ink pads from Johnny痴 hands, wash ink off Johnny.
Sit back down.
Measure cardstock and cut in half.
Give Johnny a strip of paper to play with.
Get up and answer the telephone.
Return and get dustpan and brush up pieces of paper which Johnny knocked on floor and walked all over.
Pull some more cardstock out and sit back down.
Answer door bell.
Return to dining room.
Once more, remove ink pads and stamps from Johnny's hands.
Wash Johnny.
Sit down.
Get ready to measure cardstock again.
Answer phone.
Remove scissors from Johnny.
Remove hair from the front of Johnny's clothes where it fell after he cropped his bangs next to his head.
Pick up the stamps.
Answer telephone.
Return to dining room and find Johnny; remove his hands from the inkpads, etc. etc.
Take up cardstock halves and find paper cuts and tears in it as well as blotchy stamped images.
Pull some more cardstock out.
Stop to make lunch.
Return to find tire tracks and hand prints all over the bottom of the walls in colors that don't match the decor.
Head for Johnny, who flees knocking over opened re-inker bottles.
Wash dining room floor.
Wash table.
Wash walls.
Wash dishes.
Lock away stamping supplies.
Lie down.
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