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Chances agencies already have your demographic info...and it's probably from something innocuous, like using your local grocery store's "savings" card...they know how much you spend a week, they know if you buy the store vs. national brands. They have also probably even figured out when it's your "time of the month" based on pain relievers & supplies you purchase. Do you pay cash, credit/debit, or with a check? They probably know that, too.

And when you give information to companies you trust (like your bank & credit card company)..."non private" information can still be sold. As in...if it's [public] information that can be found online or at a local hall of records, they get it from them [the bank] instead of doing the research themselves.

Trust those people your email, age range, & income is the least of your worries.

Plus, the company hosting the survery can look at my email...check with SCS to see how often I log in & post...vs the information I gave them. If I said I don't like the lay out of the site, they go, "Hmm...Maegan actually only logs in once a week...why do we care what that she doesn't like the layout?" But they might look at someone like Kjo13 who says "I would like the site better if it were bright pink & I had to enter TWO passwords instead of ONE." Then they would go...Huh, over 2,000 posts?? If we changed the color of the site, she might actually pony up that cash for the fan club. (Kjo, I just used you as an example...cuz you were the last post before I started this one.)
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