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I took the survery as soon as I saw it...I always come in through the home page for any site I go to...Just in case of things like this.

I only really had technical suggestions.

I wish I could have commented on my own spending. I know exactly what I get to spend each month on craft stuff in general..I don't just see something I like & go, "Oh, I'll spend my monthly budget on this..." I actually have a list...and add things to it & mark it's priority. If it's an item that might get discontinued (for example something that might end up on the SU retired list in June/July), it goes near the top. If it's something I can only get goes lower down b/c I am not a big fan of shopping online...b/c I can't see & feel the thing I need to buy. So I put it at the bottom of the list & then look to make sure I can't buy it (or something like it) when I am shopping at Joanne's or something.

It sounds complicated, but it's not. I just make notes & once a week or so, add them to an excel spreadsheet thing...and then give them a number. The computer automatically organizes them by I can see all my stuff that might go soon & looking at that list...might mean I make only SU purchases that month...or I might save my money to make a larger purchase the next month. And with this...if my mom says, "Is there something I can buy for your birthday that you haven't been able to get yourself...?" I can go to my list...and see if there is a low priority item I have been wanting for a really long time but couldn't afford it, or didn't to buy it over a less available item.

If I am looking around online...I can just add them then..but sometimes when I am out at Joanns...I have to write it down so I don't forget about it.

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