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Originally Posted by ReindeerTrout View Post
Samantha, I think I'm having sympathy pity pangs for you! I'm feeling a little blue today, for no obvious reason. It started last night when I was watching E.R. There was an issue on the program that mad me very sad and I started tearing up then. This morning, I talked to my baby sister in San Diego who just had her second surgery to remove some dysplasia cells, but also was just told there are more in a different spot and it will require constant vigilance to stay on top of it. She got this due to HPV... too bad the vaccine was available 30 years ago.

I was thinking about your knee problem. Have you considered an elastic brace? I have one with metal supports on the sides and I thought something like that would help with the twisting.

Take care, dearie! We're all pullin' for ya!
Yes, I am going to look into a brace for my knee. I had forgotten that. I have to wait until I feel better(about 8-9 days) and then look for one. We did talk about it in the office but got side tracked with all the crap going on. Can I just go and buy one as you described or do I need an RX? I feel dumb that I didn't even ask. There was just so much going on. I had to go alone as my DH had a small bowel obstruction 2 days before and he is the one who keeps things on track and asks a ton of questions.

I guess I am just depressed today and feel crappy. I am not a person that cries easy, but I could today if I wanted to.

I hope everything will work out well for your sister. I think sometimes we (I) get so bogged down with our own stuff, we forget of all those who are ill and suffering too.
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