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Originally Posted by Rainsong View Post
Yee haw!

So, I don't have to bother sending the year's worth of hats I picked up for you?

(Got your card. Your note made my day.

When the heck did you find time to stamp?)

Many hugs and LOTS of chocolate!

Hats!!!! I got 2 more free ones today. I think I need more though.

I went home Tuesday with the Porta Cath put in my chest with the needle left in so I could get chemo today right into the Port via the needle. I slept in a recliner last night as I couldn'tít sleep on either side and only on my back. I had the Port hurting on one side and the expander on the other. Both hurt quite a bit. There is about a 2-3inch incision where it went in and then I have another small incision about an inch above that and 3 smaller ones yet. I have no clue what all the extra holes are for.

I had the 1st round of chemo today. I found out that every time I get chemo, I have to go back in the next day and get a shot of Neulasta which will help keep my white blood count up so I can do the dose-dense therapy (needed for the aggressive cancer and large size of the tumor). I also have to have my blood taken in the week I donít have chemo to check the counts. This sounds so exhausting to me. I am hoping that I can get the blood work done in the middle week at the clinic in my small town. The nurse is going to call them but she didn't think they can use the porta cath and I don't care. I said they can take blood the old fashion way. But I need to go and get the "day after shot" in Madison -down town.

I picked up 2 medications for nausea on my way home. The nurse did give me IV meds for this before I got the chemo. Starting tonight and through tomorrow I have to take one pill every 8 hours and if it doesnít work, I add the other one. On Friday I go to every 12 hours if all is going OK. I am just really tired, my head hurts and my ears are ringing. I guess I can handle that. I feel like my head is in a fog though. I am trying to remember what I have been told by the doctors and when.

One chemo treatment down and many to go.

Thanks and HUGS to all of you. You have made my life a bit easier.
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