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The whole "natural consequences" thing is a hard lesson at our house too. I read the parenting book "Love & Logic" and thought I'd test a few things out. Rather than nag and nag DS to do his homework, I told him once and let it go. The next morning on the way to school he panicked when he realized it wasn't finished and scrambled to get it done. When we got to school and it wasn't finished, he refused to get out of the car and I had to drag him out kicking and screaming. I'm sure everyone in the front office saw me yanking him out of the car and wondered what was going on! I drove away and he chased after my car sobbing. I drove around the corner and watched him until he gave up and went to class, but he ended up having an awful day, picking a fight with another kid and getting a warning note sent home.

I don't know if a "typical" kid would have had quite the same dramatic reaction, or if he was just too young still, but I haven't tried it since, although the homework thing is still a total drag.

Another time, he was repeatedly PUNCHING his little brother on the way home from church, so I told him that wasn't allowed in my car and pulled over for him to walk home. (We were already in our neighborhood around the corner from our house). Once again, I yanked him from the car kicking and screaming, locked the doors and drove off, only a few feet ahead of him. Another man pulled over and started getting out of his car, apparently ready to come over and let me know what he thought of my child abuse, but I guess he probably figured out what was going on because he eventually drove away. DS was a total wreck after that. Something like that will destroy OUR entire day!
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