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Thumbs up Report back to the list! My Two Tables done

Well, I made it through! I had TWO fairs (well, one bazaar and one Open House) and it all fell in the middle of Hannukah for our family and the final week/performances of the Nutcracker for my little daughter. It was a brutal time...

BUT -- I am happy with the outcome. First, I got to "Get my act together" and found that I could make a lovely table! I even got height and interest with a madrone branch on which I hung some small ornaments (made from the scallop punch, and others that covered these wonderful organic lollipops!)

In each case I made the table money back and the first one brought in $125 and the second one $100 In addition, I got to spend the first day right next to a lovely friend who I was happy to get to support (I had the change she needed and sign material when she needed it) and I got to get to know other women who were very supportive of me the second one...

What moved:
Nugget Boxes -- the 1x4 "long" ones -- perfect -- a lot of effort, but a great way to use the wheels to cover the cardstock, and I made all of the "bottoms" in black, so they coordinate with whatever I made for the top, which saves a lot of time in making them. With this size I can get 3 bottoms from a sheet, and 4 tops, so 12 boxes out of 7 sheets of paper... and I just really am getting good at turning these out. I sold them for $2.50 each, so folks were liking them as gifts for the postman, and I kept saying "keep a few in your purse, when you have tea with a friend this time of year, you can pull out a little giftie that is not overwhelming, but very thoughtful..." Folks loved them and I took several special orders for more! (8 at a time, mind you...)

Domino pins -- again, I sold for $2.50 -- might do $3 next time, but I like MOVING them, so maybe I will just leave it alone ;^)* These I packaged in little cellophane bags with small curly ribbon... already wrapped and protected was a big hit. I got a few tins of 28 dominoes at our grocery store for $2.50 so these are a good return

Covered notepads -- I call them "Very Beautiful Notebooks" that were 4x6 chipboard covers that I covered with designer paper and cardstock -- cut inside pages from copy paper (had some fancier stuff around) and bound with my bind-it-all. I think I went too cheap at $4 each, but they sold (I sold 7 of the 10 I had, and would LOVE To keep the rest ;^)* I didn't adorn them at all, but it is very tempting to put a small, matted sentiment, verse, or other image on the cover, if I were giving them as a gift...

Small Clothespins that I covered with designer paper, added grossgrain ribbon and small tag, with super-strong magnets on them -- to be used on refridgerators as "hold its" for coupons, honey-do lists, etc. I got REALLY GOOD magnets and affixed them with E6000 -- they moved because folks thought they were so cute, and the magnets were so strong. 18 pins are about $2.50 and the materials are almost nothing, because they use snippets of stuff. You can make soooooo many in an hour, and I sell them for $2.50 each. You can see them here, at my Etsy shop:

I noted that if things are $2.50 each, folks are encouraged to buy in groups of 4 or 8, making it easy to collect $20 bills... so have change if you need it... because I ended up with lots of $20's ;^)*

I didn't sell so many cards... and I did sell a few ornaments, but not many. I had the cutest "Spa in a Can" items, but they didn't sell! I was shocked! At only $5 for a completely wrapped gift for a teacher... hmmm... at least I didn't make too many of them, and they will keep. I will gift the two I have to my daughter's teachers...

I sold a few of my retired sets, but not many -- but I still have those to sell and they will "keep" as well.

At the end of the day, I had 9 lollipop ornaments that I gifted to the 3 other vendors at my open house... and I am DONE for the season, and quite happy!
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