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Originally Posted by SillybirdView Post
Okay, not having read all the replies to this, but from my own point of view, I have music on my blog, as I started the blog FOR ME, I have my favourite music selection on it, i often open up my blog so I have music, I don't own all the CDs for all my selections, so its a cheaper alternative, lol

Now there is a button on my selection to turn it off, or when I am crafting at night I have my speakers down, again its a very easy thing to do, you can either just turn your speakers down or use the function on my computer to do it, I really don't see the problem with this personally. Honestly it is just my opinion. I love visiting blogs with different things on, ie music, I get to experience music and artists I have never heard of, ie one of these was a group called Koop!!!

I have had one person visit my blog have a go at me because it woke her sick child up, so I put the question out there about my music, and I got a really good response to it, where some girls often come back to listen, which was very nice.

Again my own opinion, as its my blog, but I can understand it freaks people out, and I often tell people if they are going to visit, then I have music.

If you have a tendency to put your speakers up full blast, then obviously that will freak you and your family out, but my speakers are always turned down fairly low anyhow, even when the kids are using the computer.

This is the only thing I have on my blog, I don't have animated cursers or partial feeds, I have what you see, so if you like it then come back if you don't then thats a shame, but thanks for dropping in.
My DH listens to music at a very loud volume on the computer and then doesn't turn it down, so while I might like a nice low speaker, I often get blasted out of my seat by blog music. I do know how to turn it off, but I'd far rather visit someones blog and have the option of turning music ON than visiting their blog and scrambling to find out how to turn it OFF.
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