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I e-amiled this message to friends and just copied and pasted it here as I am too tired to start over:

Well I saw the oncologist today for the 1st time today. He said he has to treat it aggressively with 4-6 months of chemo because it is a nasty and ulgy kind of cancer. The chemo is divided into 2 parts. Each being about 2-3 months long each. I would get the chemo once every 2 weeks via a port that will be put into my chest for the chemo and blood work that goes along with it.

He said that I may need my chest wall radiated because of the size of the tumor even though the Sentinel lymph node was clean. When he did the physical he asked if my eyes were always the way they are now. Not until about 6 months ago. One eye lid is closed more than the other and the pupil in one is dilated. He said there is a slight chance it could be brain cancer as that is one of the symptoms. OKÖ.that is when my heart skipped a beat.

I will be in Madison almost every day next week for tests. Thanksgiving day is the only day we will be home. One is called a MUGA scan of the heart. In the first round of chemo, there are 3 different medications given (TAC). The A part can damage the heart. So they need to do a scan to make sure my heart is OK and takes about an hour. Then I have a CAT scan for my head to make sure my brain is OK. I canít have a MRI right now as I have a piece of metal in my chest. But he said this would be just as good as seeing a tumor. Then I need a ton of blood work done.

He said I would lose my hair at week 3 of chemo. So I guess I need to seriously check into getting a wig and turbans. I see him again a week from Monday to go over all of the test results, arrange the surgery for the port and set up the beginning of the chemo regime.

If the cancer is not in my brain and I make it through the chemo, statically there will be a 28% chance of recurrence. That means a 72% chance it wonít.

Thatís where I am tonight: kind of bummed out and kind of just wanting to get this over with. Others have done it and I need to think that I can too.

Thanks for all the support.
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