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I found another lump about 4 days ago on the same side the mastectomy was done on 3 1/2 weeks ago. It's right at the base where the breast would have started on the arm pit side. It feels exactly like the last one and it is only about an inch from where the last one was. I think I have handled things fairly calm and cool, but if he let this lymph node get by I think I may be upset. Mark and I are a bit scared and frustrated. We are hoping it is an infection in one of the nodes because the tube had to be very close to that spot. There is an area on that side of my chest where any light touch or cloth is so very painful. The swelling finally went down everywhere and then I feel the lump. They pulled the tube out and I really swelled up with a back up of blood and liquid.

I saw my surgeon and after about 50 minutes and an ultra sound that he did himself, he said that because I will be starting chemo soon, that if it is anything the chemo will take care of any errant cancer spots. But he also said that it could be lymph nodes that are just reacting to the tubes that were in or the expander that is still in my chest. He said I many just need more recovery time if it is a swollen node. He did spend a lot of time reassuring us that we shouldn't worry about anything right now and to let the oncologist handle it. I see the oncologist on Thursday and the surgeon said that he (the oncologist) would also check the lump out and give his opinion too. So I guess I won't worry about it right now. Worrying takes too much energy.

I still have a lot of pain and am frustrated about that. They had to cut a lot of skin out that they hadnít planned on doing because the cancer was so much larger than they thought. I didnít have that much skin to begin with. So the incision area is still in the stages of trying to heal. The surgeon said he literally scraped the underneath of the skin left in and went all the way to the sternum and scraped that. Thee skin is very thin and he actually thought I would need more surgery just to replace the incision area. But I think it is healing well considering what he did and then the lupus doesnít help either.

I guess I will go into the holiday season with no hair. Actually that is not that big of a deal with me. I love my hair, but I think I will love surviving a lot more.
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