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Originally Posted by goodlicorice View Post
I remember head butting. DS head butted my very pregnant belly so hard one time I just sat down and cried from the pain. Fortunately he doesn't do that much anymore!

My DS doesn't head butt, but he LOVES to ram himself into me or DH. As he gets bigger, he going to start knocking us over soon. We are trying to stop it, and even the teachers have told him once or twice to stop when they see him do it, but it doesn't seem to change the behaviour.

We have tried to point gently that he should stop licking his hand, and he does stop immediately, but he'll do it again within 30 seconds again. I don't want to harp on him for it, so we point it out to him a couple times a day.

We have also not tried a chiropractor. I didn't know there could be benefit. I have never agreed with taking a children to a chiropractor because spines are so fragile, and I don't want it messed with so early in life. Does he do more than manipulating the back?
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