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Originally Posted by GWTW Junkie View Post
Ps--I have found a funny way to get DH a little more involved in researching and learning about SPD--I left an "easy-to-read-in-small-portions" book on SPD in the BATHROOM! LOL

He's mentioned things he has read twice now. I know it's a little gross, but I'm just thrilled he cares.

Too funny!

I hear ya about DHs not doing the reading. My DH doesn't read anything. He has always taken his job and before that, his studies, so seriously, that he hasn't read a book or magazine for pleasure since he was 13 yo. He's VP of Engineering in a large company at 32 yo, so obviously it's worked for him, but it gets to me. He is so burnt out from reading that he asks me let him know the interesting points from anything that I read.

On the topic of a basement, a lot of the things we have in the basement can hang from the same set of eye bolts. At the moment we have a hanging, enclosed chair in his bedroom. He loves it! If we didn't have the basement, I could easily siwtch out the rope ladder, or something else for the hanging chair occcasionally. We could also put a set of eye bolts into the centre of the ceiling in the family room and when we have time to `play' we could hang something and push the furniture back. It's not ideal, but it would work (if you can get past screwing eye bolts into the ceiling of the family room ).
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