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Originally Posted by GWTW Junkie View Post
Does anyone have any hints for getting SPD kids to engage in Kindermusik? I actually dread going to the meetings because I am just exhausted afterwards. She won't sing for anything--although the minute we get in the car afterwards, she's singing away. She won't do the motions, not even ones she loves, like crawling, rolling, jumping, etc. She says she just wants to watch--and yet she won't stay put on my lap, either. I feel like I've been beat up by the end of the time.
I'm not quitting, because I have a chunk of money invested in it, but I'd sure love to just give up on this emotionally and physically exhausting activity.

I would ask her if she enjoys it. If she enjoys it, does it matter how she chooses to enjoy it?

She may find the amount of activity and energy overwhelming and is taking it in, in her own way. Then once she leaves she is finally allowed to enjoy it `her way'. Does that make sense?

I have learned (and my DH is getting there) to back off from my expectations of DS, and let him be the kid he is meant to be and stop trying to get him to be the kid I want him to be. He is almost 7 1/2 now, and I've only finally gotten to this point in the last year.

If I were in your position, I would allow her to do it at her pace, but you take note of what they do. Then, at home, when she sings, get her to do the other stuff that goes with it that you saw in the class. That way, she'll get the benefit, on her terms, and you can relax about fighting with her and still be able to give her what she needs.

One more thing, my DS is very self-conscious and he has never, even once, participated in that type of event in front of others. When we went to moms and tots, he would listen while other kids and moms sang and danced. He listened and sang all the songs at home. At weddings when the other kids dance and fool around, he sits and reads. We saw Lois and Brahms in concert, and he sat and listened while kids danced all around us. He loves to do that stuff with us, in our home, but there is no way he would ever do it in public outside of his comfort zone.
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