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Yay! I'm so glad there are other moms out there who want to chat about these goofy kids of ours! I knew I didn't fit in the autism group--like another poster said, I would feel horrible complaining about the little things I have to deal with compared to what those parents have to work with every single day.
I don't know if DD is gifted. She sings all the time, even her talking voice is very musical when she's playing. I haven't noticed any particular affinity for math. She does read words out of the blue, sometimes big ones, and has been doing that since age two. But she doesn't read consistently (just turned four yesterday, though).
So I don't know if she's gifted. I do know I was profoundly grateful when I read that there's nothing wrong with the intelligence level of SPD kids!!! It's just their processing and behaviors, not their intelligence.
DD is a sensory seeker. She likes to lay on the floor. She flaps her arms when she's excited or stressed. She extends her legs straight out like the tendons will pop any second. She walks on tip toe much of the time. She loves to crash into people, walls, whatever. She breaks pencils and crayons by coloring so hard, but she doesn't really like to color because her coordination is not good. She gets frustrated so easily.
We thought she was deaf for a long time because she wouldn't respond to loud noises behind her head, or to our voices, if anything else was going on (like TV or music). Now we know she just couldn't discriminate between our voices and the background noise. Yet she used to freak out if a fire truck when by. But I guess that's "normal"--a lack of sensory consistency. Some days are good, others very bad.

Has anyone tried chiropractic? God has blessed us with a pediatric chiropractor who has a son with SPD and she has taken on DD as a case study, for free!! I have not noticed a huge physical difference yet, but one day after she had three treatments three days in a row, she fell asleep at six p.m. and we couldn't wake her up for anything. When she woke up, she was extremely emotional and cranky. The chiro said she was probably doing a "total body reset." But the next day, her language skills went through the moon! She started talking in longer sentences and more sentences total. It was truly phenomenal. Has anyone else tried chiropractic yet?
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