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Originally Posted by zapaz111 View Post
Your hives story also hits home. My DS just had a really bad outbreak of hives. It took 3 weeks of steroid treatment and one trip to the ER to get over them. And from what, we do not know. He is going in for allergy tests on Monday. He has had these mystery hives about 5 times now. He is 6. My doctor has said they can be an outlet for a virus. Can SPD really affect children's immune responses? The thought has never occurred to me before.

That actually sounds like something my DS had last year and it's called chronic hives. It starts with a virus and it has nothing to do with SPD or allergies. That might be what your doctor was meaning when he mentioned a virus. There is never an allergic explanation when this is the problem and it can go away in 6 weeks to never. My DS will probably never outgrow it completely - he still breaks out in full-body hives when he goes swimming or gets cold. He also swells when he is scratched. He will probably have those reactions for life. He still has other allergies that are life threatening, but these hives are different.

I am not trying to diminish what is happening to your DS. It is very scary, and we were even told by one doctor that our DS was dying because he was no longer responding to any medications to stop the hives. He was completely wrong.

If you want to google it, look up Chronic Urticaria. It could be an actual allergy for your DS, but from the little you said, it sounds like what my DS has.

The problem he had last week was different and I was shocked when the doctor explained his theory. I never would have imagined that SPD could affect an immune response, but I guess it depends on the individual's sensory difficulties. Every child is different, and this doctor felt that my DS's chest pains last week were related to a cold and SPD.
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