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Originally Posted by zapaz111 View Post
My DS is also gifted and has SPD. Just recently we had a neuropsy. eval done and they said he has ADHD. Everyone who knows my son is surprised by this. We did the eval because we were looking at Asperger's. Anyways, my fear is that it is actually the SPD mimicing ADHD. I have read how this can happen and then throw giftedness on top and it all gets so confusing.

DS has been in OT for over a year now. He is a sensory seeker. He bounces a lot, walks on his toes, and has meltdowns when he is over stimulated. It is hard to deal with family. My DH had read nothing about it until we sat at the hospital for 2 days of the eval. Once he began to read, he began to see our son. But he has far less patience for our son. Sometimes I think they are too much alike.

It will be nice to have a place to talk here on SCS.

Thanks for starting this thread.
My DS is being monitored for ADHD, but I think it's the SPD.

He did a year of OT, and then we moved across the country and he fell out of the system. That was 3 years ago and now he has aged out. We have had him in activities like gymnastics, rock climbing and swimming because all of them work many of the muscles, but consequently, he stays just barely within range where they won't justify therapies. If we pulled him out of everything, they would do it and pay for it, but because we spend a lot of money to prevent that from happening, he doesn't get help.

He did learn to skate finally and we are super proud! We don't know if he will ever ride a bike though.

BTW, when we had him in the ER recently for his chest pains, the doctor called it Sensory Misinformation.
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