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My DS is 7 and he has it too.

For our DS, it's the medical problems that crop up that us the most problems.

Recently he was coming down with a cold, and the doctor figured that because of the SPD, his immune system interpreted the virus wrong and treated it like an allergy - he got hives on his lungs Then he went on to say that because of the SPD, our DS misinterpretted the itchiness as pain. So, the symtpom that we saw was him clutching at his chest and complaining of terrible pain. The teachers thought he was having a heart attack.

Thanks for starting this. I've also tried to start it, and I've also been to the autism thread, but I was getting asked by some why I was there. I stopped.

What senses are affected by your kids? My DS has difficulty with 7 out of the 9 senses. The only ones that don't affect our DS are smell and sight. He is 2-3+ years behind in the others, but he has amazing coping skills so I bang my head against a wall trying to get help for him. I even had a pediatrician kick me out of his office because he felt I was trying to make my kid into a `super kid' by seeking therapies. He called me back the next day to apologize because he had finally read the reports and realized he had been wrong.

What are your stories?
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