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Originally Posted by Samantha View Post
Hi Karen,

On Monday I saw the 2 surgeons and they couldn't remove the big draining tube because I am still bleeding. So I go again next Monday. I have an app't with the oncologist on Nov. 15th to set up the chemo regiment. My surgeon said on Monday that he would probably be inserting a port into my chest. I have to have time to heal inside before they start the chemo though. The DR showed me the mortally rates over 10 years with the aggressive kind of cancer that I have. When all of my specifics were put into it, I would have an increased 50% chance of living 10 years if I take chemo. I am a little scared of the chemo as I have watched DH go through this. But I also want to live long enough to see the grand kids grow up, so I will make myself be strong.

I am really tired and hurting from the mastectomy and that darn big tube hurts that comes out about 6 inches from under the arm pit. I have been doing arm exercises to keep my range of motion in the arm. I have about a 5 inch scar on my chest and then a 3 inch one in my arm pit. Nice stitching "in the ditch" if he were a quilt maker.

It is very strange. I have no breast on one side. I knew it was coming (or going) but I awaken each day with pain as a reminder, but I go and look under the bandages just to see the scar. I have to put an anti-biotic cream on 3 times a day so how can I forget anyway?

I asked what happened in recovery that I was there for 9 hours. I guess my heart went into a bad rhythm and that affected my breathing which became too shallow. Then my blood sugar spiked and I was given insulin all night. I have never had a diabetes problem before. They said everything that could go wrong - did.

Karen, thank you so very much for the weekly cards. They are beautiful and encouraging. Also, I have the basket full of goodies you sent on the fire place hearth so I can look in it and at it every day. You make me smile and I thank you for that.
Sammie, courage my friend. Some day soon, when you wake up, the pain will be gone. I will be thinking of you and I am sending you all of the cyber strength that I can. Hugs.

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