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Default Re: Not to bring up old dirt...but..


Originally Posted by InsomniacRed
... but when they dont take the time to fill it out, it just makes me think they dont really care about the site enough to tell us how they made it!!! Every one else takes the couple extra keystrokes to tell us! I understand they might be new or something, but with *my* first upload, I was very sure to fill out all of the boxes incase it wouldnt be put in the gallery due to missing information or something silly!!!!!!!
Well, it's great that you can do this. In defense of those that can't or don't, I would ask you to please consider that for some of us, it is actually physically painful to type all that info in, not to mention unbelievably TIME-CONSUMING.

I have severe tendonitis in my stamping arm; typing and clicking the mouse aggravate it. I maintain my own online gallery, elsewhere, and just uploading (dragging and the clicking of the mouse) takes a considerable toll on that injured arm.

It's about all I can do to answer a few posts to help folks out here and there at SCS, and to try to upload and give my samples titles a SECOND time HERE...

There are many things I've created but never uploaded here or even on my own gallery because my arm is shot and can't handle any more... and often, I can't even comment on others' wonderful samples myself because the pain is so severe.

I may be mistaken, but I believe most folks at least enjoy and appreciate seeing a fun or lovely idea, even without a recipe, rather than nothing at all, yes?

I do what I can, but have to limit certain things due to physical pain AND time constraints, not because I don't wish to share the info or don't care.
"So shines a good deed in a weary world." -Willy Wonka
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