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Default Two Christmas Card Recitation Programs for Children!

A Greeting for You
By Merle Glasgow.

(A child carries a large greeting card. On the front are the words, "Merry Christmas," and on the inside is the word, "Welcome." The lettering should be large enough to be read by the audience.) Wouldn't this be cute at a Christmas stamping party?

(with card closed)
I brought you a greeting card.
It says, "Merry Christmas," you see.
Something else is written inside.
It will now be opened by me.

(opens card for audience to see)
The word written here is, "Welcome."
So you know it is really true
That we are glad indeed
To see each one of you.

The Christmas Card
Author Unknown.
(This was in a scrapbook of clippings, poetry, etc. my Grandmother left me. She was a Sunday School teacher for many years.)

1st child = (carrying easel and flannelgraph which she sets up)

We're going to build a Christmas card,
So every one may know
About the first blest Christmas Eve
In Bethlehem, long ago.

2nd child = (placing dark flannel on board)

The world was dark, for it was night,
And through the sleeping land
No one knew it was the time
That God before had planned.

3rd child = (Place star in center of board)

When, LO, a glorious star appeared,
It's radiance bright as day;
And over the darkly sleeping earth
It cast a shining ray.

4th Child = (place the Wise Men in lower left corner)

And Wise Men, by its wondrous light,
Came from the land afar;
Came their richest gifts to bring
Guided by the star.

5th Child = (placing shepherds and sheep at the lower right)

It shone upon a shepherd band
Who safe their flocks did keep;
It shone upon the little lambs;
It shone upon the sheep.

6th Child = (place Angel host in upper left)

When suddenly the sky grew bright.
Grew brighter than the day,
And Angel host in glistening robes
Came down the starry way.

7th Child = (place large angel in upper right corner)

And one spoke to the frightened men;
"Good News, good News this morn,
For unto you and all mankind
Christ, the Lord, is born."

8th Child = (remove figures from board)

Then swiftly they too hastened
To Bethlehem away,
To find the stable dark and drear --
A manger filled with hay.

9th Child = (place stable and Joseph and Mary)

Joseph was there, and Mary
But all their eyes could see
Was the Babe that God had given,
His Son, their Savior to be.

10th Child = (Place shepherds and Wise Men kneeling before manger)

In reverence they worshiped,
Worshiped the new born King;
With grateful hearts they offered
Their choicest gifts to Him.

1st Child = (Place words "CHRIST IS BORN", which has been glued on wide satin ribbon, over the manger).

Oh, let us at this Christmas time
Reverence and adore
The one that came that holy night,
Our Lord forever more.

ALL: sing "Silent Night".
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