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Default Hope Everyones had a Happy 4th!

I've been going through some old scrapbooks my grandmother left me chock full of poetry and thot I might share with you some poems I esp. liked. The tablecloth one would be great in the kitchen album I mentioned previously along with a photo of an antique lace tablecloth somebody might have stashed away.

The Tablecoth.
By Ruth Owens.

It's just an old tablecloth,
Made of fragile lace,
To others it may look shabby,
To me, it holds a special place.
It graced our table,
On our wedding day,
And remember how it looked
On baby's first birthday.
Ah, it's growing old,
And more fragile each year,
But just to look at it,
Brings memories of good cheer.
That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
Author Unknown.

In a vine covered shack in the mountains,
Bravely fighting the battle of time;
Lives a dear one who's weathered life's sorrow,
It's that silver haired Daddy of mine.

If I could recall all the heartaches,
Dear old Daddy I've caused you to bear;
If I could erase those lines from your face,
And bring back the gold to your hair.
If God would but grant me the power
Just to turn back the pages of time;
I'd give all I own if I could but atone,
To that silver haired Daddy of mine.
Type this and attach to gift! My grandmother made these for my hubbin our first Christmas and they are still together. He thot it was such a cute gift that he couldn't bear to take them apart and we've been married 25 years and grandma has since graduated to heaven!

I've washed these in Woolite
So they didn't shrink.
Nor are they for Junior
If that's what you think.

I sewed them myself
They look very neat;
They're not to admire
But to wear on your feet.

So take off the buttons
Remove stitches with care;
You've gained two pairs of socks,
But you've lost your underwear.
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