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Originally Posted by ArtLvr View Post
*scratch* I'm sure that it's suppose to make sense but I'm not fully understanding it. So, are you supposed to allow him to eat food that is cross contaminated to get his system adjusted to bits of peanut protein? Or is that still a no-no? I know you were still avoiding things like that, but does that change now with this new development?

I think it just means that because he hasn't been exposed, and is not that highly allergic there was not enough of whatever in the bloodstream that the test would pick up. DH is an MD and explained it to me, but I barely understand, so I can't really explain it. As long as he (dh) knows what is going on!

I usually end my explanation with "The last thing we want is an Ambulance coming here taking him to the ER b/c he can't breath from something he’s ate." That usually does the trick. Sometimes I have to go into the whole EpiPen explanation (honking big needle into a thigh only 3-4" diameter—he’s a skinny little thing, what it does to the body, etc). Of course I try to say all of this politely, with the utmost respect, and add lots of kindness. Still, I hate hovering over my DS. He’s just turned 4 and is finally expressing some independence. Yea…it makes for a stressful time. Hang in there!
Have you ever had to use an epi-pen? We stopped carrying ours b/c our sons reactions have not been respiratory. I think it would be a really scary thing.
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