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[QUOTE=Montana]His last blood test came back negative for peanuts, but when we did the challange, he still broke out in hives.
Our other children don't have food allergies either, but I did as a child, so I'm hoping he will outgrow it. One thing that we have done is avoid any nuts at all. The allergy specialist we went to when we were in Baltimore said that there can be cross contamination.QUOTE]

Thanks for your advice! I will pray your son will outgrow both the peanut and milk allergy. Sounds like he has a really strong chance. I pray that ALL kids could be "cured" of this and all anaphylaxis allergies.

One question, did your son's numbers go up at all? Where did they start at? Does he have asthma? Forgive me if I'm getting to personal. I went to and found out that kids w/asthma are less likely to outgrow their peanut allergy (my son has asthma--only has difficulty when his environmental allergies are high and bothering him).

We avoid all nuts (I'm even having him avoid soy and peas since they are both liegemen [sp]). It's my belief that they could be contaminated as well. But I'm more lax when it comes to the possibility of cross contamination of tree nuts. I wonder...should I or does that even make a difference? How strict should I be? We avoid peanuts like the poison it is to my son's health. I want to protect him with my life but not smother him, ya know? I seem to have more questions than answers that doctors don't know how to answer.

Sorry if I'm babbling. I'm very passionate about this since I was the one that caused him have this allergy (unintentionally of course). I'm not as hard on myself as I used to be but I'm finding it hard to forgive myself.

Anyway, thanks again Montana!
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