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Wink April 27, 2007 APR07VSBNG or SBSC88


Okay part of relaxing after a LONG day is taking a bath, a nice HOT BUBBLE BATH!! As many of you know I take a bath basically every night. SO I am sharing some Bubbles with you. Your challenge is to make a SB page using the Bubble Technique. Here is a gathering of the information that I have found for this technique.

Backgrounds - Bubble Paper
From: Sharon S.

About a year ago, lots of people were talking about making bubble paper, with kids bubble stuff. It makes wonderful background paper, but you have to find the right images to go with it. A few days ago I was stamping away, and Jennifer, my 12 yr old daughter, suggested I stamp right on the bubble paper. It makes such a pretty background behind the images. Some images don't need to be colored in, always a plus!!

I stamped some images that have lots of small detail, no coloring. This morning, I stamped butterflies on it, but did color them in. The splashes of color in the background behind the butterflies is so pretty.

Here is how you can make your own -

1/3 cp dish soap or baby shampoo
1 1/4 cp water
2 tsp sugar
food coloring – (reinkers)

In mixing this I used hot water, and added the sugar to the water first, shaking to dissolve. Then I put in dish soap, Dawn in my case. The blue dish soap didn't affect the color of the Easter egg dye at all. I divided the solution into 3 portions, and added a tablet of Easter egg dye to each glass. It worked beautifully.

Mix bubble stuff and Easter egg dye (food coloring works too, I've heard). I put a tablet in the bubble stuff yesterday, and mixed it with the wire thing to dip the eggs with, then blew bubbles with the same wire
thing. The bubbles were so big. I'll have to do that again.

Spread out white paper all over your table, picnic table, garage floor. Maybe cover the surface with newspapers first, then with the white. I put the paper as close together as it can be without overlapping. Than blow bubbles. I use every color I have dye in, and blow some of each color on each sheet of paper. I did try this time, blowing only blue bubbles on some. Blue is my favorite, and I wanted to see what I could do with it.
I went out shopping for bubble stuff yesterday, but couldn't find any cheap enough, so I made my own. I had never made bubble stuff with sugar in it, but it turned out good. Next time Jared wants bubbles, I'll make my own with the same recipe :^) Also, I used Dawn (blue) in the bubble stuff. The blue color didn't affect the color of the dye at all, fortunately. Maybe my blue bubbles were a little bit bluer.

macstamper –
Put a dime sze amount of liquid dish soap in small container and add about 2 inches of water. Blow bubbles till they come out the top of the container. Then drop a couple drops of the reinker on the bubbles and then touch glossy card stock to the bubbles. You can use several containers and do as many colors on the paper as you want.
windycitystamper –
I'm still not perfect at it, but here's what I've learned on SCS...

Put water and dishsoap in a small dish, blow bubbles up to about the top of the bowl, drop several drops of reinker over the bubbles, blow a little bit more while you're holding the cardstock over the bubbles (so that they are blown up onto the cs, if that makes sense). If you put reinker in the water and THEN blow the bubbles, the color is too diluted to make much of a design on your cardstock. I usually have to do this procedure several times, turning my cs each time to get a piece fully covered with bubble outlines.
cmayk –
Yes!! In fact, I know Sarah and she taught this technique at my upline's downline meeting!!!

This is how you do that technique:

-In a large cup put a squirt of dish soap, fill with water, add ten or so drops of classic ink refill.
-Insert straw, blow bubbles until they come up over the top of the cupl
-Place card stock over the bubbles. Remove. Let dry.
stampinboilermaker –
As posted by Colleen Kidder in another thread:

To create fun backgrounds (or foregrounds) for your summer projects try using the Glossy paper for the Bubble Background Technique. Place 3-4 Tablespoons of dish washing soap and a cup of tap water in a large bowl. Add 10-15 drops of desired color of Stampin Up! refill ink. Use a wisk to create froth and pour this mixture onto a tray. Using a drinking straw, blow lightly while stirring the mixture so that you form slightly larger bubbles. You do NOT want huge bubbles as you won't be able to fit them on a standard size card front. After bubbles are formed, spritz the top of them with reinker that has been diluted with water and put into a travel-sized pump spray bottle. (This will help make the bubbles more defined.) Then lightly place a sheet of Glossy Cardstock onto the bubbles without actually dropping it into the solution. Remove paper and place right side up on paper towels and allow to dry. To speed the process you can use another paper towel to blot dry but DO NOT rub or you will disturb the bubble pattern. For more versatility select other colors besides blue or send the card stock back through a second time but this time select a different color from the first.

SO! after deciding which way works bestest for you! Make your page and upload it using the code APR07VSBNG
Yep YOU GOT IT!!! This is ALSO a VSBN CHALLENGE!!! TOLD you we had something up our sleeves! heheeh!

ENJOY! and YES all VSBN RULES apply!!!!
Sorry that I don’t have a sample page of this! watching babies and having a garage sale this weekend has TOTALLY thrown me for a loop!
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