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Just tried using the Fiskar's Texture Plates for the first time.
I got a Plumber's Gasket Kit from the hardware store. First I
tried the thinnest black piece of highly stinky (LOL!) floppiest
rubber, using A, FTP, cardstock, stinky rubber, C. It went
through the bug just fine, but I don't think it
was tight enough- the embossing wasn't very good.
Tried again with the same stack, but used a thicker gasket sheet
instead of the stinky one, this one is a mottled brown/black.
It was much tighter, and I was really debating with myself if I
should carry on trying to put it through!
It did go through but I held my breath all the way. It was a much
better result, similar to the CB folders.
I immediately ran a regular CB folder through to see if I had done
any damage, but it still works fine!
HTH someone,
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