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Quirky Sayings

Resurrection Eggs

And some more boy poems:

The Little Gentleman
By Author Unknown.

Take your meals, my little man,
Always like a gentleman;
Wash your face and hands with care,
Change your shoes, and brush your hair;
Then so fresh, and clean and neat,
Come and take your proper seat;
Do not loiter and be late,
Making other people wait;
Do not rudely point or touch;
Do not eat and drink too much;
Finish what you have before
You even ask or send for more;
Never crumble or destroy
Food that others might enjoy;
They who idly crumbs will waste
Often want a loaf to taste!
Never spill your milk or tea
Never rude or noisy be;
Never choose the daintiest food,
Be content with what is good;
See in all things that you can
To be a little gentleman.
Little Fred
By Author Unknown.

When little Fred
Was called to bed,
He always acted right;
He kissed Mama
And then Papa,
And wished them all good night.

He made no noise,
Like naughty boys,
But gently up the stairs
Directly went,
When he was sent,
And always said his prayers.
The Boy We Want
By Author Unknown.

A boy that is truthful and honest
And faithful and willing to work;
But we have not a place that we care to disgrace
With a boy that is ready to shirk.

Wanted -- a boy you can tie to,
A boy that is trusty and true,
A boy that is good to old people,
And kind to the little ones too.

A boy that is nice to the home folks,
And pleasant to sister and brother,
A boy who will try when things go awry
To be helpful to father and mother.

These are the boys we depend on--
Our hope for the future, and then
Grave problems of state and the world’s work await.
Such boys when they grow to be men.
Mom of Boys,
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