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Originally Posted by madew

I hate to actually tell this but..............I went through all the things I've read here including, hating to let go, wishing I had this one or another of that one so..........I started to make extras. First it was 4 then 6 now its 8. I always put one in an album I keep for the cards I make. I found it actually improved my skills because of the repetition. I send some to friends as needed, but then there are special requests like:

I wonder if we need a SCS 12 step program to help new stampers get to the point where they actually give away the cards they make.

Step 1. Pick a day - it may be a month ahead - but choose a day in which you will follow through with all the steps.

Step 2. Set a few minutes aside each day leading up to your target day to repeat aloud 10 times or more if necessary, "cards are for giving - I can give one of my cards away"

Step 3 Choose a card to make. If you have never actually given a card away you may need to choose a quick simple card (maybe one that is even a little bit ugly) and work up to giving away your best creations.

Step 4. Gain the courage to actually take sheets of paper from your beautiful, colorful, wonderfully organized stamping area and make a card. It will be easier if you have extras of all your colors.

Step 5 Make cards in quantity or plan to scan them so you can have a record of your creations.

Step 6. Feel the rapture of creating a card from your heart.

Step 7.Work through the shock that you are supposed to give away your wonderful creation.

Step 8. Get rid of the guilt caused by hording your cards. As long as you have at least the image of the card, you can relive the joy of that card over and over and over again.

Step 9 Hold you card tightly in both hands and imagine the person being overcome and swept away with joy, comfort, or rolling on the floor laughing as they enjoy your wonderful card.

Step 10. Write in the card. OK this is a hard one, but you can do it. You may need to plan a week in advance what you will write so this part will not thwart you efforts

Step 11. Address the envelope. If this is difficult, you may be able to print out your labels from your Christmas card list. Attach a stamp. this also may be difficult. Make sure you purchase stamps a day before your target date and know where they are.

Step 12 Sit by the mailbox and wait for the mail carrier to come so you can personally hand him your creation. Give him instructions on caring for your card until it arrives safely in the hands of the recipeint.

The first time through may be tough but keep at it and maybe someday, however far in the future, you can do as Serikastamper suggested and have one day a week where you actually send out your cards. I know this may seem overwhelming right now but, just focus on a short term goal. We are all cheering for you and are here to support you.

good luck!
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