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Default How to Win Friends and Influence People

OK - maybe I misrepresented myself a tad as I have no idea how to influence people, but I do have some tips on making friends here at SCS! Recently I've seen several posts from people feeling left out or ignored. That made me very sad and being a problem-solver by nature I came up with what I hope are some helpful tips to feeling more "in" around here. I know I've made some wonderful friends and with almost 40,000 of us here, there are plenty of friendships to go around.

Making Friends on SplitCoast

1. Post, post, post! - The more people see your posts the more familiar they will feel with you and the friendlier they become (assuming your posts are nice ). If you are new here post a little intro of yourself so people can get to know you. Welcome newbies when they post their intros.

2. Post comments in the gallery. Each comment brightens someone's day. That is bound to come back to you in a positive way!

3. Start a gallery of your own and upload every chance you get. People appreciate your gallery samples and this is another way for folks to become familiar with you. Besides, having a gallery is so much fun! Once you get past the nervousness of the first upload, you'll be addicted. Be sure to label your first upload as such or even start a thread in General Discussion so everyone can be sure to take a look.

4. PM people. If you have a question about a card in the gallery PM the creator. If you see that someone on a thread is from your area PM them to say hi. If you see something that seems like an "inside joke" PM the poster and ask them about it. I've done all of these things and have made some great friends this way. Not every PM will turn into a friendship, but it helps to put yourself out there.

5. Join a swap. My first SCS friendships were formed when I decided to become a swap hostess. Once you get your swap cards back e-mail or PM the other swappers to tell them what you liked about their cards.

6. Join the RAK Forum - You can never go wrong by sending RAKs.

7. Put up your photo as your avatar. I know not everyone likes to do this, but people do feel comfortable with you faster when they can put your face with your name.

8. Don't take it personally when you get "ignored". If you start a thread and don't get much or any response - don't take personal offense. With thousands of threads going on at any one time it happens to everyone from time to time (yep - even big-mouth me has started threads with nada response!). You can always bump your thread a few times if necessary or let it die and move on to something else. Just know that people are NOT ignoring you on purpose! This place is tough to keep up with!

9. Help others. Answer questions whenever you can even if it's just to give them a link to the info they need. I have a couple of "pet threads" that I always refer people to when I see those particular questions (which reminds me I'll need to find them again here in this new format) - beaded pens and paint cans. If you come across a helpful thread bookmark it so you can refer people to it in the future.

10. Be positive whenever possible. We all have gripes, complaints, vents, etc. and one of the great things about SCS has always been the freedom to express ourselves, but before hitting the submit button it's always a good idea to re-read what we've written and evaluate whether or not the negative is really necessary. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it is, but can be toned down or tempered.

11. Go to the Weekly Challenge Forum and join a challenge. There's a new one almost every day - each running for a full week - and you can jump in at any time! They are really fun and again another great way to start getting familiar with more people.

12. Be a friend. The first step to making friends is to be a friend. Find a way each day to encourage someone or make someone's day a little better. The smallest comment or gesture can mean so much!

SCS is such an awesome community - truly my happy place. The creativity and caring and generosity of the people here just blows me away! Stamping yes, but also so much more!!! No one is required to do any of the things I've listed above. They are just suggestions to try if you want to.

How about you - do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Please post any ideas you have about how to make friends and feel really "in" around here. Or tell us a little story about a friendship you've cultivated here and how it started!

I BEG YOU - please no negative posts on this thread. There are plenty of threads already going for that. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let's keep this a happy helpful thread! And keep it bumped up for Saturday. HUGS!!!
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