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I've been meaning to get back to this.

A couple weeks ago, I told my 18 year old DD that I thought I was an agnostic. She actually laughed, and said, Gee, mom, that's something I expect to hear from someone MY age, not my 55 year old mom!!!

She had told me awhile ago that she was agnostic.

I guess, for me, growing up Catholic, I just accepted things for so long. I didn't get a bad upbringing, even with 12 years of nuns, they weren't overly strict, and I didn't run into anyone who was a perv, either. I guess I was lucky in that sense.

I also had a Jesuit education in college, and they tried to teach us to think.

I've gone without organized religion most of my adult life. When I did attend mass, it was purely a social thing. I didn't follow all the rules.

I guess I feel more like maybe there's some "force" or Mother Nature or something like that. Maybe, possibly.

I just can't conceive of a God who could conceive of the universe as being something man can conceptualize. I think we make God into terms we can understand. I can't believe a God would care if we "worship" him or sing praises or any of that - in any religion. It just feels.... ridiculous to me. I feel that if there is a God, it's something I really can't conceive of.
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