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Originally Posted by Rainsong
Oh, Quinn's books are philosphical. Google his name sometime. I've presented some of his ideas elsewhere on SCS. F'instance, he equates the fall of man as a story told by the enemies of the Hebrew antecedents to be the story of the Neolithic agricultural revolution. (This explains Cain and Abel in a logical way.) ]

No one has ever said Pagans are worse than Atheists, but I'm sure some do think it. After all, most Pagans believe in multiple gods which goes directly against the first commandment.

But--that isn't my brand of Paganism.

I'll have to check out some of Quinn's books. I'm currently working my way through a stack of Evolutionary Psych books that I'm reviewing for a publishing company. *bored* Then, I'm going to tackle an older Dawkins title, "Unweaving the Rainbow".

So...can I ask you this... why do you believe in multiple Gods? Is it just a belief in a higher power that drives you to believe? I guess my question is really: how did you come to be a pagan? What is your brand of paganism?
"Just because it's unexplicated does not make it unexplicable." - HOUSE
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