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I don't blog yet, but I started creating web pages as part of my job way back in 1994, when HTML was nothing more than a handful of tags and the only choices were background images (anyone remember jelly beans?) and color/size of text. I never remember there being a rule about asking if you could link to other pages. Maybe because it was in higher ed, it was assumed that a link from our departmental page to other universities was okay. But this is the first I've heard about geeks asking permission. I thought geeks were too geeky to consider any social graces important, even netiquette didn't really exist in 1994. I know a lot of sites that are nothing more than lists of links to other sites. I use those kinds of sites a lot to keep my bookmarks from getting too cluttered.

I would think since it's the internet, and you can't control who links to you and who doesn't, the courtesy to ask would be nice, especially in a community like a stamping community, but everyone has to realize if they put their stuff out there, even if they try to hide it, it's there and it's public and there isn't a whole heck of a lot anyone can do about how others use their URL in links. I try very hard not to put anything online that I wouldn't want the entire world to know because the truth is, someday, the whole world just might. I have read the horror stories about people blogging and their bosses finding it, even though they thought they were anonymous and they thought their blog was hidden. YIKES!

For the record, if I ever decide to blog, I will ask permission first. I just don't know how anyone could expect it on the open internet.
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