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Originally Posted by GinaK
I have a question about blog etiquette for some of you long time bloggers. I had links to many of my favorite blogs on my blog. One of the people who I put as one of the blogs I read asked me to remove her link because I did not ask permission to link her and she said unless someone particpates on your blog, you should ask permission first. So, I removed her and everyone else who I hadn't asked permssion or who never left a comment for me.

Is that true? I've been talking to a few friends who thought that that sounded weird but I pulled everyone anyway just in case. Now I'm in the process of sending out permission requests of some of those people but can someone tell me if I really need to do that or was this person just a rare type or something. LOL

Gina K.
I've never heard that before... I think her request for you to ask permission is odd; definitely an exception, rather than the norm. IMHO, you don't need permission to link a blog.

Since that particular blog owner asked you to remove the link, I would oblige her. For whatever reason, she wanted her blog removed from your links, though I can't see why??? If she's really disturbed about someone she doesn't know viewing/linking her blog, she should password protect it.

Just about every scrapbooker I know of who has a blog has Ali Edwards' blog linked in their favorites (as well as several other well-known scrapbookers' blogs). Honestly, I think Ali and the others would have a lot of emailing to do if they were to tell them all that they needed permission.

Quite frankly, I am flattered when someone links my blog. Not speaking for Ali or anyone but myself, but I *think* Ali would be flattered that so many scrappers are reading her blog. Most blog owners appreciate the traffic from links, kwim?

It really is up to you what you link on your blog. And you don't have to ask permission. Though I would always want to honor a specific request to remove a link. KWIM?

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