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Is it too late to join this group? I can't believe I missed this thread for so long!

My DS#2 was diagnosed PDD-NOS at 26 months. He will turn 5 on January 25th. He has come so, so far. I was reading his original report which stated "severe autism". I'm glad that never registered in my head when we first had him diagnosed. I was depressed enough as it was!!! He now plays soccer with typical kids and is attending a typical preschool with an aide.

His biggest issue is and always will be language. He definitely has auditory processing issues, but expressive language is his worst enemy. I'm afraid for him in Kindergarden. With all of the emphasis on reading, language and writing and "sounding it out", the kid is going to be lost. But give him any problem with numbers and he will run with it.

My DS#1 was diagnosed last year with ADHD and an auditory processing disorder. I wasn't surprised, but just kind of disappointed that my other child needed extra help and support.

The fact that both my kids are special needs kind of explains why I have been so insane for the past 7 years!!!!!!!!!! Truly no one was listening to me! When parents say their kids don't listen, they need to come to my house with my auditory processing delayed kids!!!!! LOL!

Has anyone gotten support for their siblings of autistic children? If so, at what age? My almost 7 year old is complaining more and more frequently of having to deal with an autistic brother and how it's not fair, etc. I honestly don't know what to say and just kind of sit there and listen to him rant. Once it's out of his system, he goes back to playing with his brother. He really does love him, but I think just gets overwhelmed sometimes.

Thanks for listening.
More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined.
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