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Up in "thread tools", you can click on "subscribe to thread" also and the program will save the link for you. Click on "Quick Links" at top of this posting page & scroll down to "subscribed threads" & click on it or see that little envie up at the top right of this page? It goes the Private message system and there will be a sidebar on the left hand side with your member options. Scroll down to the "Subscribed Threads" wording and click on it.

Justina, I'm sorry. I haven't seen that particular poem. If anyone has, please post it for all to share. Thanks!

Menda, you're not such a goober. Everybody has to start somewhere! Some programs are easier to learn than others. I personally like the programs here. User friendly! Gigs, you did good!

I was thinking of my buddies here when I ran across the next two poems.
By Vera Hardman.

Additional lines by ME!

Have you ever often wondered
Who makes Christmas shining bright?
It's a little elf named Sparkie,
His work is pure delight!

(you can tell he's been busy in my craft room this year!)

He gathers the silver moonbeams
That glisten on the snow,
And he sifts the twinkling stardust
In little stacks that glow.

(muttering under my breath: "okay, what did Sparkie do with my embossing buddy?")

There are bottles filled with sunshine
And snowflakes crystal clear,
That he keeps stored upon his shelf
For just this time of year.

(I wish my bottles of embossing powder were half as neat!)

He paints the lovely tinsel gold
And when it is on your tree
You can see the sunbeams dancing
So very merrily!

(. . . in my hair, on my face, & clinging to my hose)

And all the Christmas ornaments
He polishes with care,
And uses bits of fluffy clouds,
This only he would dare!

(I want snow white fibers, not dust bunnies! Now where did I put them last year? hmm . . . )

Each shining ball will glisten bright
And much to your surprise . . .
You'll find yourself reflected there,
Quite miniature in size.

(Smile: It's Candid Camera! Thot: I wonder if Sparkie caught my best side?)

He makes lots of decorations
From crystal snowflake foam,
And if you will look about you,
You'll find some in your home.

(Waah! That "snow" was supposed to foam on the gingerbread house roof . . . what did I do wrong?)

And all the delicious cookies
He dusts with sugar treats,
Bits of candies, colored snowflakes,
Make such delightful sweets.

(Instant Die-t? I'm beating it off at my next stamping/cropping party, I promise . . . down chocolates, down eggnog, down candy canes & gingerbread . . . )

When Christmas Eve at last is here,
Sparkie is ready to play,
For his "work" still isn't finished,
He rides old Santa's sleigh.

(Sparkie, did you bestow both Rudolph & me with these glowing noses . . . sniff, sniff . . . I HATE Christmas colds!)

And joins Santa's other helpers
Slip softly in your house,
Then sprinkles stardust all about
As quiet as a mouse.

(hands on hips: does that explain how my embossing buddy traveled from my craft table to the tree?)

No wonder Christmas shines so bright,
His stardust leaves a glow
That only Christmas time can bring
And you will always know . . .

(I see Sparkie gave lessons to Hansel on making trails . . . Ah, ha! I wonder where this trail of sparkling fibers is going to lead me? . . . )

It was Santa's little Sparkie
Who sprinkled stardust there,
And gathered beauty all year long
For Christmas time to share!

(Along with Sparkie, I wish you a very Merry Crafty Christmas and a Beautiful New Year!)
Coming Home for Christmas. (for scrapbookers)
By Barbara Fischer.

No expanse of time can change
coming home on Christmas Eve . . .
as darkness drifts across a snowy sky
and frosted windows down the country lanes
are lit in festive unity.

A lone star rises,
guiding on its same familiar path
above the families joined at firesides
where ancient stories still are told,
beyond the joyous caroling
while centuries unfold.

Christmas Eve will never change
by lack of pine or mistletoe
or custom's ever-shifting mode . . .
not when arms so filled with longing
once again are coming home.
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