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Default Nugget boxes of all sizes!

Okay, this is where I prove what a compulsive geek I am. I'm all excited about making nugget boxes, so of course, I have to try different sizes. And being the big geek, I can't stop until I've made every possible size that you can make from 8.5 by 11 cardstock (and now 12 by 12 also!)

In the replies to this topic, you'll find over 20 different PDF files, each to make a different size of nugget box. Each of the files has a name similar to this: nugget_box_8_long.pdf - this tells you how many nugget candies it holds (8 in this case). If the name includes 'long' or 'short', it just means that there is more than one shape of box that holds that number of nuggets. For example, 8 nuggets could be either one row of eight (long), or two rows of four (short).

If you click on one of the PDF files and get a blank screen, you probably need to upgrade your Adobe reader software. You can get the free upgrade at - version 7.0 is the minimum that you should get.

The patterns are mixed in with quite a bit of discussion in this topic. Here's a list of which reply to look at to find the template you're looking for:

1x2: Reply #8
1x3: Reply #6
1x4: Reply #6
1x5: Reply #5
1x6: Reply #5
1x7: Reply #4
1x8: Reply #4
1x9: Reply #138 (12x12 required for box bottom)
1x10: Reply #244 (12x12 required for box bottom)
2x2: Reply #6
2x3: Reply #5
2x4: Reply #4
2x5: Reply #3
2x6: Reply #3
2x7: Reply #2
2x8: Reply #2
2x9: Reply #138 (12x12 required for box bottom)
2x10: Reply #244 (12x12 required for box bottom)
3x3: Reply #81
3x4: Reply #12
3x5: Reply #12
3x6: Reply #11
3x7: Reply #11
3x8: Reply #11
3x9: Reply #138 (12x12 required for both pieces)
3x10: Reply #244 (12x12 required for both pieces)
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