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Cool Stamp a New Friend today! Join the Divine Secret Siblings

Let us begin by answering some Frequently Asked Questions about our Usergroup to get you familiar with us.

Divine Secret Siblings is a usergroup here on SCS. We are a group of stampers (demos and non-demos, SU! and many other brands, Non-Vendor Specific) who send cards and gifts to each other for a 3 month period. At the end of the 3rd month we reveal to our secret sibling who we are . Big Secret Siblings are the senders, Little Secret Siblings are the receivers. You will be both a big and little ss.

Q: What is a Swap Angel?
Angels are those special members of our group who volunteered not only to participate, but also to be called upon in a time of need. If someone flakes out (ie. doesn't send to their sibling, or acknowledge gifts), we ask those of you who volunteered to be an Angel to send a one-time card or small gift to the sibling who didn't receive anything. Everyone who signs up should follow through with their commitment (flakers will be dropped if the commitment can not be met). More details are posted in the Secret Sibling Forum which you will get access to when you join "Divine Secret Siblings".

Q: When and How will I receive my Secret Sibling Information?
You will receive your secret sibling name and information as soon as we swap names; this is generally the week of/before the new round begins. For those that join after the round has already begun, we may need to wait for more to join before swapping. The information for your little sibling will be sent to you by one of our Divine Coordinators through your SCS "Private Message".

Q: Does the Email information needed below include my Anonymous Email?
No, we just need the email that you will use regularly. The secret email is just for your own use to be able to communicate with your little SS and not give away who you are. The email address we need is one that we can contact you at if there is an issue, and one that your big SS can use to communicate with you. Although, it is perfectly ok to use your secret email as BOTH if you wish! See Annymous Email info below.

Not necessarily. Some of our members love the program as a way to swap ideas and see a style of stamping that is not their own, but may be a bit more reserved to share their personal selves. Some of us love to make a new friend right away, and some of us just enjoy a temporary penpal of sorts. Each round is a completely different experience and we hope you get something out of each round you spend with us!

Q: What Groups are Available to Choose from?
We have 3 groups to choose from, listed below in order of requirements. New sign ups before the round begins can choose any group, we don't limit the number of participants. If the round has already begun, it might be necessary to close some groups. Available groups:

Group A: 3-4 cards and a $5 gift each month or 1 $15 gift at the end (to be worked out between Secret Sister pairs) with a reveal letter.

Group B: 2-3 cards and a $5 gift each month or 1 $15 gift at the end (to be worked out between Secret Sister pairs) with a reveal letter.

Group C: 1 card each month, and only one $10 gift at the end of the round with a reveal letter.

Any Other Questions, Please ask!

Please follow these Instructions to join>>

Christine P, if your SCS username begins with #, A-H
texasjodylynn, if your SCS username begins with I-Q
jm_donahoe, if your SCS username begins with R-Z

Group choice
SCS Name
Real Name
Regular Email Address
Hobbies other than stamping
Fav. Colors
Are you willing to send out of your country?
Are you willing to be a swap angel?

2. Join our UserGroup - The Divine Secret Siblings
Go to your Private Message Inbox by clicking the envelope at the top of your screen, then click "Group Memberships" (in the left column twards the bottom), then choose to “join group” for Divine Secret Siblings. You will be approved after we receive your info and you will have full access to our special forum. This will give you access to our special forum where you can read up on our Rules, get lots of information, chat, post your preferences and info for your SS to read, and post thank yous.

3. Set up an anonymous email account
When you receive the information with who you are sending to we ask you to set up a SECRET/Anonymous email with a free email provider (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc...). This is for verifying your little sibling's information, and discussing your preferences for small gifts each month, or one large gift at the end of the round (for groups A and B only). We are sure to have typos and you want your creations going to the right address. This is also useful when you have a card or package going out a bit late and want to let your little ss know. We have a thread in our forum which explains how to set a secret email account up. You also may choose to continue an on-going communication with your little sis during the round.

4. Send the required amount of cards and gifts for the group you have chosen to join. Don't forget to reveal yourself to your little ss at the end!

5. Post Thank You's for each card/gift received in our specially designated forum. This is so very important and has been made a mandatory requirement!

Divine Secret Siblings Rounds Calendar (3 months each round with a month off):

Round 3 2006: September 1, 2006 >> November 30, 2006
Round 1 2007: January 1, 2007 >> March 31, 2007
Round 2 2007: May 1, 2007 >> July 31, 2007
Round 3 2007: September 1, 2007 >> November 30, 2007
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