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Originally Posted by AubrieB
I have to say that my fav will always be Liz. I think she brings out the Better in him. KWIM? I would love it if they got together and he decided to leave the business. That would be a great storyline.
I agree SB has more chemistry with BH than just about any other partner, and I might be able to handle them together if he left the mob -- even better if he'd get bonked on the head again and is re-Q'd. That could be fantastic. It would bring Monica, Alan, and Edward back into it, and it could make for good soapy drama to have Jason Quartermaine have to come to terms with all the horrible things he has done as Jason Morgan.

I really wish they would bring back Lucy Coe, too. I loved her quirky personality.
Oh, absolutely! And Kevin Collins, too -- there's plenty of room for another shrink. The *real* Felicia needs to be back on the canvas, too, and Mac pulled out of cold storage. It makes absolutely ZERO sense that Felicia would be nowhere to be found while all these things are happening to her girls.

Originally Posted by shannon2903
One of my favorite times in GH history is the Frisco and Felica era. Where did that whirl wind romance go. One of the saddest days in GH history has to be the day Bobby and Tony decide to give Maxie Jones BJs heart, all those who watch it will know what I'm talking about.
Not only is that the saddest story in GH history, IMO, it's the best. Felicia being so thrilled that Maxie was getting a heart, only to sink to the floor in grief that it was her niece's. Tony resting his head on Maxie's chest to listen to BJ's heart beating in her chest. Now *that* was good soap. That's why the way Tony was treated later and Brad Maule was shoved off the show in about two days time just makes me furious.

To be honest because I was watching when BJ died to save Maxie, I hate what they have done to Maxie, such disrespect to such a gift. (the writers should be ashamed)
Absolutely! It doesn't help that Kirstin Storm just doesn't have the acting skills to pull this off either.

IMO, that is what GH is MISSING, nobody gives up anything for love on GH. They all want their cake and eat it too.
Exactly. You know, Tristan Rogers has been posting on his site and he's made some thinly veiled comments that indicate he's well aware of how low the show has sunk, and one thing he said absolutely nails it -- there's no *hope* on GH anymore. Patrick has finally stopped letting his inner jerk out to play and he and Robin are getting more lovey-dovey, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to the absolute misery everywhere else.

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