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I've been watching for a very long time, though i am only 34 it's been at least 20 years. The first real storyline I remember is the one where Luke and Laura are on the run and they are so young and dancing in a clothing store or something. I so wanted to be Laura. Always loved Anna and Robert, hate the rewrite of history but love that they are back. Can't wait for Luke and laura to come back.

One of my favorite times in GH history is the Frisco and Felica era. Where did that whirl wind romance go. One of the saddest days in GH history has to be the day Bobby and Tony decide to give Maxie Jones BJs heart, all those who watch it will know what I'm talking about. To be honest because I was watching when BJ died to save Maxie, I hate what they have done to Maxie, such disrespect to such a gift. (the writers should be ashamed) I think it's worse then any of the other storylines that I find questionable.

I agree that Sarah Brown was the best Carly, don't get me wrong I love Wright. But Sarah Brown's Carly was a Carly you secertly routed for, you so wanted her to get it right and win just once. I remember When she was in love with Jason. She tried so hard to come between Robin and Jason, part of me wanted her to get Jason, and when it was never going to happen for them, I was sad for her that her scheming backfired on her. Wright's Carly is just so different from the original Carly.

I want Jason and Elizabeth together, I want it to be like good old fashion soap. Where he gives up his life of crime for the love of a woman. IMO, that is what GH is MISSING, nobody gives up anything for love on GH. They all want their cake and eat it too.
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