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Originally Posted by Grape
I know I said a few days ago that I couldn't decide who I wanted Jason to be with. Well, after yesterday's show, I've decided it has to be Jason and Elizabeth. They were so good together. The way he stroked her hair and kissed her when he brought her the water. I just melted. He is just hot (see avatar) and she is beautiful. Elizabeth needs to throw caution to the wind and be with Jason.
I hope she thinks of her son before she does that, and remembers breaking the law to assist in the surgery on Sam who was shot in the back for being too close to Jason, the mob hitman.

The chemistry between SB and RH is undeniable (much better he had with KM), but Jason is what he is.

I thought today's episode was rather blah compared to Monday's, but I did love the stuff with Georgie and Dillon (very glad to see Georgie having some sense about her) and most of the scenes with Patrick and Robin (they need to stop with the PSA's about HIV and AIDS though -- it was done better with Stone years ago).

At first I was disappointed that Alexis didn't go all Natasha Cassadine on Ric and Sam, who continues to be complete trash (I mean, really -- going on and on about how HER feelings were hurt. Girl, you just boinked your mother's husband on her couch! Shut up!), but it really is like her to steel her emotions, and this way she gets to make them sweat. And as much as I hate Sonny, I did get a kick out of Alexis going on and on to Ric about how wonderful Sonny was to her and Kristina at the Metro Court. That's my girl -- jab that knife in a little deeper.

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