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Originally Posted by AubrieB
I loved today's show!!! In a perfect GH world, Jason would leave the "business" and just marry Liz!! That would make me sooo happy after today's show.
I'd love to see him leave the business, but I'd still hate to see Liz have anything more to do with him. Leaving the business or not, it won't change the fact that he has been a cold-blooded killer who has never paid for his crimes. That said, I *still* think there's a greater possibility of him achieving redemption than Sonny, even though the writers are clearly on a "Let's Make Sonny Look like a Good Guy" tour right now.

I will say though that Jason looked at Liz with far more emotion in his eyes than he's ever looked at Sam, and their hook-up seemed less about pity than genuine feelings.

I am now officially NOT a fan of Sam or Ric. I think that the both of them are TRASH!!
Seriously! Of course, Ric has been scum for some time. He's a serial philanderer, and he long ago crawled so far up Sonny's butt, he'll never find his way back out. Alexis deserves so much better -- than either one of them.

Sam, she's as much trash as she accused Alexis of thinking she was. She's a human mattress for men. I mean, really -- didn't she have a boyfriend when she first showed up? And then she slept with Jax and Sonny -- on the same freakin' night without even bothering to shower in between. Then Jason and now Ric. And she didn't bother showering today either. I don't see any way to make the character the least bit sympathetic after this, and even villains need to evoke a measure of that.

What ticked me off was how Sam and Ric were all up in arms about what Jason was going to think and do when he found out -- they didn't show the slightest concern about Alexis.

Is Sam really leaving the show?
I saw that promo, but that's the first I've heard that, so I don't know. If Kelly Monaco was smart, she'd run far away from GH...she's better than this, too.

That last Alexis scene was so sad, but a good illustration of how great Alexis/NLG is -- she let out her pain in a primal way...she sounded like a hurt animal, but then it was over. She didn't throw glasses around like Sonny would do. She didn't fall into bed with the nearest man like Sam or Carly would do. She didn't blow up at a co-worker like Liz has done, and she didn't lose it in front of anyone else.

She thinks about her situation for a while, maybe making plans, and then she gets up and straightens up the room, figuratively straightening up her life. I hope she goes all Cassadine on Ric tomorrow.

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