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Originally Posted by sharinlilbit
Oh, I know exactly who I want Jason with -- some gigantic serial killer named Tiny in the nearest penal farm after Alexis finally succeeds in sending his butt to prison for the many people he has killed.

While I hated that Lulu spilled her secret to Sonny or had anything to do with him at all (Where was Robert? Now *there's* a friend of her father's they could have had her talk to.), I did laugh at her question "You got somebody pregnant by accident?! Who??" A better question would be who *hasn't* Sonny gotten pregnant by accident.

I didn't find myself hating Sonny yesterday for a change. Wait, I take that back -- I still hate him and would love nothing better than for MB to be off the show, but I didn't feel my blood pressure rising while watching his scenes and I didn't consider chunking a shoe at the TV. That's a switch! I think the difference was that he wasn't the focus for a change, and he was in scenes with good actors (Julie Berman & NLG). NLG has a way of making everyone around her look better, and that's definitely true with MB.

Still, I don't like the hints that the Sexis friendship, at least, might be rekindled. The only r'ship I want to see Alexis have with Sonny is that of D.A. and scum-sucking criminal.

I did think GH actually seemed like a soap for a change, instead of a poor man's knock off of "The Sopranos."

I'm not quite sure how you feel about Sonny and Jason. Could you be a little more clear?
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