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Originally Posted by Grape
If Sam gets pregnant after sleeping with Rick, that means that she and her mother will have both gotten pregnant with both brothers. Right?
Yes, and that's just the kind of thing the sick mind of Guza would love.

I can never make up my mind about who I want Jason to be with. Steve Burton has so much chemistry with everyone. When he is in scenes with Elizabeth, I want him with her, but when he is in scenes with Sam, I route for them to be together.
Oh, I know exactly who I want Jason with -- some gigantic serial killer named Tiny in the nearest penal farm after Alexis finally succeeds in sending his butt to prison for the many people he has killed.

While I hated that Lulu spilled her secret to Sonny or had anything to do with him at all (Where was Robert? Now *there's* a friend of her father's they could have had her talk to.), I did laugh at her question "You got somebody pregnant by accident?! Who??" A better question would be who *hasn't* Sonny gotten pregnant by accident.

I didn't find myself hating Sonny yesterday for a change. Wait, I take that back -- I still hate him and would love nothing better than for MB to be off the show, but I didn't feel my blood pressure rising while watching his scenes and I didn't consider chunking a shoe at the TV. That's a switch! I think the difference was that he wasn't the focus for a change, and he was in scenes with good actors (Julie Berman & NLG). NLG has a way of making everyone around her look better, and that's definitely true with MB.

Still, I don't like the hints that the Sexis friendship, at least, might be rekindled. The only r'ship I want to see Alexis have with Sonny is that of D.A. and scum-sucking criminal.

Noticed two things about the Sic scene -- one, that lake house must have some really good sound insulation. Alexis was clomping across the deck, she and Jason carried on an entire conversation, and she practically hacked up a lung out there, but Ric and Sam never heard a thing? And two, that Ric sure has a lot of stamina. I mean, they were going at it when Alexis arrived and saw them, and then enough time passed for Alexis and Jason to talk outside, for him to drive her to the hospital, then drive back, and when he goes to the door, Sic's *still* at it. I guess that explains why Alexis has stayed with him, despite him being a cheater and jerk much of the time.

I did think GH actually seemed like a soap for a change, instead of a poor man's knock off of "The Sopranos."

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