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Well, the show still stinks up the joint, but THIS was a thing of beauty:

Alexis: I'm done. Sam, I am done fighting for you. I am done trying to save you. And the interesting thing is that you never asked me to and it's evident that you don't want me to so you win, I'm done.

You wanna spend the rest of your life with Jason, being his plaything, being his appendage, taking orders from him, and getting shot at? That is entirely up to you. I'm not going to do anything to stop you because it is clear to me that you have absolutely no self-respect. You have no identity of your own so being with Jason is your only option, isn't it?

If I were you I wouldn't go to school, I wouldn't go to college, I wouldn't go to law school. Why don't you just let Jason take care of you for the rest of your life because that way you don't have to think. Wouldn't that be great? Get out. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! I don't want you poisoning your sister's minds with your PATHETIC, degraded attitude.
That reminds me of Alexis's great speech to Sonny, Jason, and Roy Smith at her sister's funeral.

Of course Sam goes right ahead and proves SHE is trash by having sex with her *stepfather.* They're both scum.

One unintentionally hilarious moment today was Sonny telling Lainey that Lorenzo has a God complex. LOL! Hello, Pot? Meet kettle.

So glad to see Carly head off to find Jax -- I'm sure Laura Wright must be exhausted from being in every storyline on the canvas. I know I'll be happy not to see Carly sticking her nose in everyone else's business for a while.

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